Bad Art I Am Compelled To Share

Friday, September 30, 2005


This is a picture of my Stepdad his name is Ed. Ed was drawn on a piece of multi-purpose copy paper. Ed and my Mother are no longer married. Ed has not been my Stepdad for years. I am glad. (phew!) But, I still remember him. Ed was kind of an ass. Ed loved liver and onions. Ed loved to yell and in his way he loved me. Do you love me?


  • Love your art but as to you... you would make it a lot easier if you would quit asking to be loved again and again...

    By Blogger f, at 01:59  

  • I also love onions and yelling. Is your ex-stepdad still single?

    Just kidding. Oh, but not about the onions. And I hate liver.

    By Blogger Jamie, at 06:03  

  • Do you yell? Did i hear you shouting from the rooftops...

    "Pigeons Love Me, Will You?" :-D

    Happy Friday!! Hope you find some love this weekend. I love fall, its starting to be fall here.

    Love Love Love

    By Blogger sharon, at 06:34  

  • f: I will try to restrain myself. Love oops.

    jamie: You are scare my delicate nature. Love

    sharon: Love!!!!

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 09:32  

  • When Ed yelled maybe he just loved to share his germs with everyone

    mmmmmm Liver and onions, but no love kissing after eating those.

    By Blogger Alekx, at 09:50  

  • Grrrrr, he looks like angry love

    By Blogger Mella, at 13:25  

  • Good art takes away pain, bad art makes you want to inflict it.

    By Blogger fotosia, at 14:42  

  • alekx: With a nice chianti and some fava beans. Love

    mella: Loud love.

    fotosia: Yeah. He, he... wait... what?!

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 16:02  

  • ugh, you're just weird.

    By Blogger Mimi in NY, at 12:34  

  • LOL over your retort to Alekx.

    By Blogger Dorko, at 13:11  

  • your blog is great. your art is great. i really enjoy it. i laughed out loud at your blog's title.let me ask you, are you really looking for people to love you, or are you commenting on the propensity artists have to continually look for praise for their work and equate it with love? either way, it's cool. i'm glad you stopped by my site.

    By Blogger Beth, at 17:57  

  • haiku: Wow! Thanks! You got it, yes I'm with you... Uh huh, go on... Hey look something pretty out the window... What's that... Um... So deep. Head spinning. Wait... breath... remember there is no spoon... Ah... now everything is fine.

    Hey everybody for some real art check out haiku's blog!
    Thanks :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 19:45  

  • mimi in ny: I'm weird? Um... is that pole in your living room?

    dorko: :-)love

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 19:49  

  • thanks for saying my bacon bandages were funny. I'm new here but I get the impression I'm suppose to give you love, right? I can go with that.


    By Blogger Sharelle, at 21:51  

  • I love you. Love

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 00:52  

  • sharelle: :-) please stop by again.

    anonymous: Thank You! you have a great page. I hope I wasn't to nice.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 01:30  

  • thanks,that's sweet. i'm sorry to have made your head spin.

    By Blogger Beth, at 04:51  

  • Love is better than NICE. Sigh.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 06:37  

  • haiku: a haiku for haiku... (I think)

    awesome is your page
    my bad art can not compare
    all art is for love

    anonymous: Wait, no sigh, Love! 'nice' was a reference to "ESCAPE". In my head the connection between my comment 'nice' and "ESCAPE" seemed clear. When in fact most things in my head are foggy. I was cruising through your
    pages. I think your brilliant.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 07:56  

  • excellent art work unknown! i am going to link you to my blog, unknown! thank you for sharing your talent!

    By Blogger Kerry, at 13:39  

  • I've heard that Sister WooHoo loves you. But she also loved Ed.

    By Blogger Perriette, at 16:18  

  • Sigh, Love ... you are putrefying the minds of my visitors. Didn't want our first tiff to be soon ... It's YOUR fault Love

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 16:48  

  • external validation
    can give you inspiration,
    you should bask in admiration
    of praise for your creation!

    By Blogger Catnapping, at 17:54  

  • kerry adams: Thanks and thanks! Me too to you. :-)

    miss daze: AAAHHH, I'm being chased by a witch?!

    anonymous: Putrefying! Wouldn't be the first time. Everythings my fault.

    catnapping: :-) Thanks!

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 20:53  

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