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Sunday, January 13, 2008


This is my picture for Illustration Friday the theme is stitch. "Stitch" was drawn on the back of the December 20 page from my "Get Fuzzy" desk calendar, with a Faber-Castle 3-H pencil, inked in with a Faber-Castle fine tip artists pen and then colored in PhotoStudio.

I did this goofy little sketch while siting on my ass and watching football. I'd like to get up and be active, but I think somebody sewed my ass to the couch.

Are you watching the playoffs? Are you going to leave me some love?


  • During football season here my ass is also stitched to the couch, that and fantasy football competitions rule out 6 months of the creative year for me!

    Lo and behold someone de-stitch me.

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 16:23  

  • After that I hope you have a whole lot of 9 stashed in your wallet for a rainy day.


    By Blogger andrea, at 16:28  

  • Love it. And wooohoooooo! the Cowboys lost!! ;-)

    By Blogger Rrramone, at 17:04  

  • Alas- Seahawks lost, but Dallas lost so I feel better. That's some strong thread, hopefully it keeps the space time fabric together.

    By Blogger Princess Pepper Cloud, at 20:13  

  • three things:

    my ass is stitched to my couch too. coincidence?

    brett favre is a god.

    i keep meaning to write. because first of all i laughed out loud when i saw your post below with the eyeball flying amongst the champagne corks, then you go and do a drawing like the 100% one immediately following that. how can you be so great?

    By Blogger patsypalooza, at 23:12  

  • Yes how can you be so great. This is my second time trying to leave love, but from home it's in Flemish. At school it's french so I may be able to "figger" it out.

    By Anonymous adventuresofadramateacher, at 06:14  

  • Is tis a stitch in time? Or a way to keep time from flying? Hmmm... Although I don't watch football, I'll still send you some love.

    By Blogger carla, at 09:56  

  • heeee. great minds think alike!

    it's hared to watch football since tom died. i miss him too much. it was he who got me hooked, and whenever there's a great play, it kills me that i can't share it with i've stopped watching for awhile...maybe next year.

    By Blogger Catnapping, at 13:14  

  • detlef: Luckily, my team had a shitty year. It made it much easier to find something else to do.
    Then the playoffs happened.

    andrea: I do! :-)

    rrramone: Thanks!
    And agreed! :-)

    princess pepper cloud: Stupid Hawks. Now I have to root for the Giants.
    Hee, hee.

    patsypalloza: Three answers.
    1. No.
    2. Hmm... demigod.
    3. Well, thanks and thanks. Great? Great as in, "Wow, that deli makes a great vegan sausage.", or great as in, "Wow, that Gandhi was a great guy."? I would imagine you mean somewhere in between. Probably closer to the sausage.
    Thanks though. :-)

    adventuresofadramateacher: Must have been the high school I went to.
    OH! I always wondered what I sounded like in Flemish.

    carla: A little of both?
    Thanks. :-)

    catnapping: Indeed. :-)
    I like yours better though.
    I sort of had the same thing, maybe, with my Pop and Christmas. We were poor, but he made Christmas fun. Still don't quite get the Christmas Spirit. Maybe someday.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 13:09  

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