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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Brief History

Maximus Minimus the inventor of underwear.

I created this picture the hard way. I drew the guy in the center then scanned that picture, enlarged it and printed it, twice. I then cut out the legs and pasted all of it to a piece of construction paper, scanned that and then colored and cleaned it in Photoshop.
I don't know why I didn't just draw the whole thing. Sometimes when I'm feeling frustrated I do things the hard way.

Anyone feel like psychoanalyzing that? Anyone feel like leaving some love?


  • The hard way gives you more time to think, I hope there are some maximus undies inside that minimus skirt.

    By Blogger HARDWAX, at 17:36  

  • Everywhere I go I see ingenuity.


    By Blogger andrea, at 18:19  

  • Boxers or briefs? love

    By Blogger Janet, at 19:29  

  • If you have Photoshop (excuse me but...) why didn't you use the layers..... Easy.... It took me only 6 months to understand how it works... :o)

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 19:56  

  • OH! Psychoanalyzing.... Yes...MMMM... You must have been a very small roman soldier in another life!

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 19:57  

  • hardwax: Hmm... could be, could be, or because I'm taking more time to do the art, I'm spending less time thinking. I have some issues when it comes to switching my brain off. Which is OK except when you're trying to sleep.
    No undies until they were invented by Mr. Minimus. love

    andrea: :-) "Everywhere I go I see ingenuity." I'm not sure what you're refering to but that is line is very insperational. It would make a good mantra.

    janet: I go commando! Oh... did you mean which did Mr. Minimus invent?

    merlinprincesse: Heh, heh... (blush) I have only gotten the layering thing to work once. I really am working with old, old pc stuff.

    merlinprincesse: Well you know what they say small Roman soldier, small... hands? Wait? Is that what they say or is it big hands big... gloves? :-)

    OK I never do this but, the word verification just spelled out "limpyee" I hope that isn't an omen about my love life. Hmm...

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 23:14  

  • ---------------------

    Tom Fred the Freudian says:

    that is verrry interrrresting....

    tell me more about your childhood.... your parents dressed you and themselves up as Roman soldiers and then did what to you? Without any underwear?

    Freudian love


    Mike Jug says:

    This is a well known archetype. Your problems with authority figures and their large swords are clearly at the centre of this one. Of course your fear that they are also exposing all to you is an unusual twist.

    Jungian love


    Caroline says

    Now what is really interesting is that you accompany this picture with a tale of "doing it the hard way"...

    lots of love

    By Blogger Caroline, at 03:33  

  • Mwhahahahaha! Caroline is funny.... Wait... The HARD WAY??? O my God! I just read the title... *doubleblush*
    Lovingblush...or not...

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 08:34  

  • I love it that you used so many steps. Sometimes I draw something three of four times (tissue, transfer paper, paper) to finally get it all onto a surface, when I could have just drawn it directly. Hey whatever works.

    By Blogger Jaimie, at 14:33  

  • Not a bad way to relieve your frustration. ;)

    By Blogger D. Maria, at 06:41  

  • "'limpyee' I hope that isn't an omen about my love life. Hmm..."


    By Blogger D. Maria, at 06:42  

  • Well I am just glad he invented underwear. Imagine the trouble we all could get into! It sounds like you just like to do things in certain stages. Nothing wrong with that. Love

    By Blogger Holly, at 09:15  

  • caroline: Hmm... thanks? Actually I just wanted to have you analize the reason I do things the hard way, not the illustration itself. Heh, heh... thanks for the insite though! :-)
    You are too funny.

    merlinprincesse: I fear I have revealed too much! :-)

    jaimie: Yeah!

    d. maria: :-) You make me laugh.

    holly: Me too. I need some way to rein in that monster.
    I'm just stubborn. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 15:43  

  • This is classic woody complex. Look it up in any textbook. Footsoldier Gherkin in a Captain Cucumber world.

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 02:32  

  • detlef: Ha, ha... maybe I should get pickled!

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 23:33  

  • That one is sooooooo funny!

    And I love all the comments of everybody!

    I feel much better now! OMG and I thought I was the crazy one!

    Don't worry The Unknown, your crazyness is what makes you sooooooooo adorable!


    P.S. OMG! Now, you wont believe me! My WV is "KEYMAN"! I think I'm gonna take a pic of it and send it to you! It's the first time I REALLY have something that means something...
    But what does it means?

    By Blogger Clo, at 21:13  

  • clo: Thanks Love. KEYMAN? Are you the gatekeeper?

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 09:36  

  • yeah, babe. Disturbed for sure, but here's some more love. :)

    By Anonymous elsa, at 10:40  

  • elsa: Is that your best advice?

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 10:55  

  • :-)

    By Blogger D. Maria, at 11:08  

  • EEEEK!

    Underwear. Oh dear...

    By Blogger Chuang Shyue Chou, at 21:40  

  • you know what they say about men with little roman soldier feet...

    By Anonymous catnapping, at 17:35  

  • ...he need big tongue!

    By Anonymous catnapping loves unknonw, at 09:37  

  • d. maria: :-) to you too!

    chuang shyue chou: "Eek", as in I don't want any? :-)

    catnapping: Umm... they have little sandles?

    What was that? Was that a ghost? Maybe? :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 15:08  

  • Hmmm... didn't you once tell me you were anti underware?

    By Blogger Jonpaul, at 00:14  

  • jonpaul: Maybe? (blush)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 00:26  


    0h um.... love

    By Blogger RedT0pMedusa, at 19:17  

  • redt0pmedusa: Talk about panty lines.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 00:24  

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