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Friday, February 24, 2006


This is my picture for Illustration Friday, the theme was tea. "Tea" was drawn on the back of the August 13 page from an old Get Fuzzy desk calendar. I sketched this one quickly with a pencil, then inked over it with my gel roller and then I colored it with Photoshop.

Nothing beats a cup of tea and the paper first thing in the morning. What flavor do you prefer? Church, Tit or Field?

Actually, I prefer coffee. Do you love tea? Will you leave me some love?


  • yes, i'm a coffee drinker but i love this anyway. Poor little guy!!!love

    By Blogger ValGalArt, at 13:05  

  • 'love your picture,love coffee,and I am a teaholic!...being a southern girl, I drink mine iced!...oh!, can't forget...'love the unknown too!

    By Blogger Janet, at 13:33  

  • I prefer hamsters. Seriously, this is hilarious,but sad for the little guy. I guess he can't swim. Great Illo.

    By Blogger Gabriella Travaline, at 13:57  

  • What a hoot! Mouse tea. I'll take coffee thank you.

    By Blogger Teri C, at 14:38  

  • Field. Definitely field, they have more robust flavor, and their tails are longer, so you can brew an extra large cup… Love. Lily.

    By Blogger Lily and Lucy White, at 14:38  

  • I have to be honest - I prefer the more robust flavor of an old wharf rat, but I suppose I'd settle for church in a pinch. Of course, nothing really beats coffee.... Be that as it may, I do love your illo, and more important, Mr. Cat looks like he loves his tea!

    By Blogger carla, at 16:12  

  • YUMMY Field Tea for me! Love };-}

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 16:17  

  • MY MOUSE! GIVE IT BACK!!! (secret it to dip three times then squeeze ot the juices) Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 16:19  

  • LOL, this is too much.
    Every cat's dream...yikes. Cover eyes of all pet mousies!

    Love for you,
    The Tart

    By Blogger The Tart, at 18:41  

  • Well, if you can assure that no mouse was hurt or injure in the sketching of that illo...

    By Blogger Clo, at 21:10  

  • I used to be a coffee drinker till i found the magic of Ritilin... now coffee makes me too jumpy... but i love tea... it's a great alternative and stains my teeth just as badly... Love... oh and your pic rocks... super funny

    By Blogger RedT0pMedusa, at 21:50  

  • Ewww a mouse...YIKES!

    By Blogger D. Maria, at 22:40  

  • too funny, but I think it will not be easy to drink tea without a flash of this "buiscuit".

    By Anonymous Paula, at 23:04  

  • much love for the big smile this gave me!
    (and yes, your mum could live in my tea cupboard if she is mouse-small)

    By Blogger 'Zann, at 00:13  

  • i'll take mine with a little honey please.

    By Blogger 2danimator, at 00:34  

  • look at his eyes! uhmmmmmmmmlots of mice big stoman

    By Blogger isay, at 01:07  

  • Is that why you put a rat into the tea:-)? Just kidding. Your illos are always so humorous...

    By Blogger miragee, at 01:17  

  • Auch. Your drawing illustrates one quality in cats very well. The expression on the cat's face is just right for the situation.

    By Blogger M, at 01:46  

  • The only thing u'll ever see me dunkin' are donuts thank you! ;D

    I'm addicted to coffee...not too big on tea.

    By Blogger Sdit., at 02:38  

  • hahahhahaha. Good one, man.

    By Blogger Jason, at 03:38  

  • Ha-Ha! this is great.

    You've got my love!

    By Blogger Joy Eliz, at 06:10  

  • lots of tea drinkers... strong coffee for me please and you may as well make a separate pot for yourself!

    BTW... very clever drawing! I like it very much!

    By Blogger kate, at 06:30  

  • Witty as always. That poor mouse though...

    By Anonymous Giles, at 07:11  

  • He he. I giggle. Poor little mousey.

    Great idea!

    By Anonymous bozena, at 07:12  

  • Woo! A cat! And not just a cat! A topless cat wearing trousers! Dipping a mouse flavoured tea! (Or is it a tea flavoured mouse)

    I wonder how that'll taste like :|

    And yes, I love tea. Especially fruit tea, flower tea, iced tea, hot tea. Mmmmmmmm!

    By Blogger marina, at 07:37  

  • yuk!

    love, victorie.. :)

    By Blogger vfm4, at 08:36  

  • Love a spot of tea.

    By Blogger Large Art, at 09:31  

  • A tea to taste of cat, very curious, fun!

    By Blogger Lu***, at 09:55  

  • Your comment in my blog made me laugh, and now your illo has as well! Thanks for the morning chuckle! Clever!!

    By Blogger Shano, at 11:21  

  • What a way to lighten a hearth!

    lots of love!

    By Blogger me, at 12:34  

  • Love this, made me laugh out loud. Poor little mouse, but I'm a cat lover and a tea lover, jasmine, redbush, earl grey, I'll drink anything! love.

    By Blogger the heartful blogger, at 13:14  

  • That is so Gary Larson of you! I love it! I wouldn't drink it...but I do love it! You should market that one on a card or something! It's brilliant!

    By Blogger Alexa Brett, at 13:38  

  • Cool trousers and a good idea. I like tea and sometime coffee. I would like a Field Mouse in my cup with one sugar in it's mouth.

    By Blogger modroom, at 13:51  

  • I've posted a very similar comment somewhere else on your blog and I don't know how or where...

    By Anonymous Duffroom, at 14:00  

  • mmmmmm. Rat tea. Looks tasty. Actually I prefer tea thanks!

    You're such a clever chap!


    By Blogger creative kismet, at 14:03  

  • valgalart: Thanks! I didn't realize how morbid it was until I was done. Oops.

    janet: Yeah, the only tea I drink is iced.:-)

    gabriella travaline: Mmm... hamster tea.

    teri c: :-)

    lily and lucy white: Ahh... a connoisseur.

    carla: Ha! I think wharf rat would be a little to earthy for my tastes.

    anonymous: Can do.

    Hellcat: HA! LOL! And the mouse is mine!

    jody: :-)

    clo: No mouse was injured in the making of this illo!

    redt0pmedusa: Hmm... maybe you should take up smoking?

    d. maria: Eww a mouse? How progressive. I will save you!

    paula: I always forget the biccies.

    zann: You are welcome. I'll let my mom know!

    2danimator: Mmm... honey.

    isay: :-) What?

    miragee: Rats clog the spout. I only use mice.

    maria: Thanks!

    the artist formerly known as "sdit": Mmm... donuts...

    jason: :-)

    joy eliz: Thanks!:-)

    kate: I'll have some coffee too with a side of mouse. Thanks Love.

    giles: Thanks!

    bozena: Yeah. :-)

    marina: Heh, heh. I gave him pants because I thought it would be easier to draw.

    vfm4: :-)

    large art: HA!

    lu***: Wee Hee!

    shano: You are welcome for the morning chuckle.

    me: Thanks! :-)

    tammy hanna: Thanks Love.

    alexa brett: Thanks. Yeah, I'm not sure if the idea is original. I'd like to think it is but, I swear I've seen something similar to this somewhere.

    modroom: Thanks and OK! Everyone seems to prefer the field. I'll have some tit myself.

    duffroom: I'll find it sooner or later. :-)

    creative kismet: Thanks Love! :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 15:26  

  • I feel lost at the bottom of this list... anyway, LOL! I love the concept. Nothing morbid about it -that's just how nature works. I'm guessing he's out of nip tea.

    By Blogger Don, at 17:39  

  • I don't know, yes, i'm thinking i'll stick with a nice mug of chai, or the occasssional coffee,
    don't think i'll be experimenting with new flavors, especially if they sound like they might have a rodent history. Having said that, LOL, and your artwork is so fine.

    By Blogger HARDWAX, at 20:34  

  • Very funny *giggles*

    By Blogger Katili, at 02:11  

  • Ha! I love it! I do love tea. I am really into Earl Grey these days.

    By Blogger Elisabeth, at 05:53  

  • I drink coffee...But one little tea sometime...Is good!

    By Anonymous marc, at 11:41  

  • Squeaky eeky freaky. Your art is getting much much better.

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 16:01  

  • A coffe please! The mice tea is for Merlin und Princesse... :o)

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 19:45  

  • Oups....Love...:o)

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 19:47  

  • ahhhhh! bad kitty!



    By Anonymous irvine, at 04:42  

  • i love tea.. esp Green Tea and honey.. but but ...erm, good thing i am not a cat. love.

    By Blogger atomicvelvetsigh, at 04:48  

  • ha ha ha, you always crack me up. Great illo as usual.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06:50  

  • Too fun! Love the mouse as tea bag idea. :-)


    By Blogger FlipFlopGirl, at 09:03  

  • He should grind up some catnip and stick it in a teaball. It's a win win situation. The mouse will have far less pain as he is steeped, probably go out smiling, AND the cat gets very smooth cuppa'.

    By Blogger Roz Foster, at 09:39  

  • Love it. Just make sure nobody slips him a Mickey.



    By Blogger IdiotHead, at 10:06  

  • If there is a choice I'll have a hot choclate please!

    funny furry adding some flavour to his tea...


    By Blogger Caroline, at 10:07  

  • Coffee for me, too. Hold the ground field mice toenails. Trying to cut back. Great illustration. Your imagination is way out. Way cool, but way out there, too.
    Peace and love.

    By Blogger Twisselman, at 12:18  

  • Hmmm I'll take tea please! Me thinks your art is getting better and better!!! Love your ideas.

    By Blogger Toni, at 16:27  

  • Hysterical and creative! Poor little mouse, I hope that is cool tea! Brandi

    By Blogger Brandi, at 18:05  

  • don: You're not on the bottom anymore! Ahh... the circle of life.

    hardwax: Ha. :-)

    katili: :-)

    elisabeth: Make mine iced!

    marc: :-)

    detlef: Wow. Thanks.

    merlinprincesse: So, tea for three?

    irvine: The circle of life! It's the circle of life!

    atomicvelvetsigh: My cat also loves Green tea with honey... and a dead mouse.

    andrea: Wee Hee! Thanks!

    flipflopgirl: Thanks Love.

    roz foster: Oh, the mouse was dead before dunking.

    idiothead: LOL! LOL! LOL!

    oops... I fell of my chair. Good one. :-)

    caroline: We make the hot chocolate by squeezing a dark brown mouse.

    twisselman: Bwhahahahahahaha... thanks.

    toni kelly: Thanks. What will I call this blog now?

    brandi: Thanks. The mouse was long dead and freeze dried to preserve the freshness.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 23:39  

  • I bet he's not going to like the trip through the latte machine.

    Great job, Unknown!

    By Blogger Tony Sarrecchia, at 07:47  

  • This is great! very funny! Love it. What is it about cats and tea?

    By Blogger Suzan, at 13:02  

  • Mmmmmm ! There'z nuthin' like fresh mouse in the morning...
    Anyone else hear that squeaking ?


    By Blogger steve, at 13:28  

  • awesome, made me laugh! mice always seem to get in the dunk, at least in nursery rhymes and the like. So it makes sense that they would be tea.

    By Anonymous kaya, at 18:24  

  • Hey, if you wanna antique your mouse, dipping him in tea is a GREAT idea!

    Sorry I've been MIA, love.

    hugs and lots of them. and lotsa gratuitous kissing,


    By Anonymous catnapping, at 11:45  

  • Very well done! I love the expression on the cats face.


    By Blogger Tatiana, at 17:02  

  • awwww mouser tea...

    I always get a kick out of your blog name; though I don't think your art is bad at all. very clever in fact.

    By Blogger AscenderRisesAbove, at 21:51  

  • Funny expression, por litle mousie!

    I prefer coffie in the morning and a afternoon Jasmin tea!


    By Blogger zordis, at 00:14  

  • tony: That would make some good mouse juice!

    suzan: Thanks Love. Hmm... I don't know. It sure is cozy though.

    steve: Mouse on toast is pretty good too.

    kaya: Thanks. Mice get a bad rap. Maybe it was the plauge.

    catnapping: :-) I've been M I A too.

    pakasso: Thanks! :-)

    ascenderrisesabove: Thanks. Shhh...! You could ruin my reputation.

    zordis: :-) I prefer mouse in the morning and rat in the twilight.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 10:18  

  • tit just doesn't do it for me...

    By Anonymous catnapping loves unknown, at 23:03  

  • catnapping loves the unknown: Are you more of a church? :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 23:57  

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