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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Broke Bush Mountain

When I got the idea for this picture I wasn't sure if I had the skill to draw it to my satisfaction so I did something I never do. I used a pencil to make the preliminary sketch. A number 2 pencil, well chewed by my girlfriend to be exact. Then I inked over it with my favorite drawing implement, a Pilot G-2 .07 gel roller. Then I cleaned it up a little bit in Photoshop. I was going to color it in but I liked the black and white version so much I decided not to mess with it anymore. I must say, I couldn't be happier with the results!

This is a bit of a change for me. My whole approach to this blog was to do things fast with a little bit of humor. I have never considered myself an artist and I still don't but more and more I find myself wanting to spend more time on my pictures. I even get these delusional thoughts about being able to make a little money with some of these silly illustrations. I feel all squishy inside now whenever I start to draw. I don't know what is happening to me.

Do you feel squishy sometimes? Do you love me?


  • Great picture and you are right its not bad!

    And you've even signed it - wow!

    squishy love

    By Blogger Caroline, at 13:22  

  • You have the Soul of a cartoonist my friend! Very nice! Don't do that to often. You will have to change the title of your blog... ;o)

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 13:43  

  • WAKE UP! *slap* *SLAP* *vomit*

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 14:13  

  • Love };-}

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 14:14  

  • very funny - I have often wondered about your motivation here...b/c clearly you have a magnetic effect with your art...that I don't know if you really appreciate :)


    By Blogger Lee, at 17:36  

  • And I don't understand politics he (as in the Unknown) says on my blog....tsk tsk, where will it all end! You are addicted my dear friend.


    By Anonymous Detlef, at 18:00  

  • bravo bravo. this is excellent, love.

    By Blogger Catnapping, at 22:52  

  • Well done! You are allowed to diversify you know! Glad you didn't add colour...

    By Anonymous benconservato, at 00:27  

  • *Throws something squishy at the screen*

    Go you! as in... cool... not as in.. get lost.

    By Blogger Southern Bird, at 05:14  

  • Funny work !

    By Blogger Crescendo, at 07:26  

  • Great work.

    By Blogger Kat, at 11:41  

  • Political satire! Cool drawing.

    By Blogger modroom, at 11:51  

  • ohh hihi mommy told me that too.. and she was planning to make post cards of my drawings. prob is .. will there be people who wanna buy them? how about you? hihi^_^

    {{love and hugs}}

    By Anonymous irvine, at 12:34  

  • i feel like stone and bullshit you are an artist just admit it

    By Blogger RedT0pMedusa, at 17:34  

  • This works, no question! Hmm, maybe Bush would've done for "Simple" as well :).

    By Blogger Ian T., at 19:49  

  • I so love you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20:55  

  • caroline: :-)

    merlinprincesse: Ugh... not the soul of a cartoonist. I already have the heart of a small boy. It is on my desk in a jar.
    Change the title! Never!

    Hellcat: oooff... Thanks. I needed that.

    lee: Heh, heh... (blush) Thanks. Yes. Things are always sticking to me.

    detlef: Actually, I said, "I don't know much about politics down under." Bush is easy to understand. Dumbassmoneygrubbingwarmonger... just like daddy.

    catnapping: :-)

    benconservato: Of course! Diversification!

    southern bird: Thanks. LOL!

    crescendo: :-)

    kat: :-)

    modroom: Thanks. Hmm... it's tempting.

    irvine: Yeah, my girlfriend's mom want to make some of my pictures into cards too. What the Hell can't hurt to try. Oops... Sorry didn't mean to say Hell in front of you. Twice...

    redt0pmedusa: NEVER! Ok maybe. If you get me drunk in a dark room. I mean a room that is dark, not the place where you can develop photos. Although, that might be cool too.

    ian t: Or Valentines.

    kalani: (blush) I love you.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 00:22  

  • Haw. This was the *real* illo for simple, right??! No, wait,wait, don't tell me...
    You did a"Good simple , bad simple," and Bush was just the guy for the job.
    Love it!!!

    By Blogger Liz Jones, at 06:46  

  • Ahh geeze! This is too much in a good way. Well you certainly have the humour down. And yes I often feel squishy! Love!

    By Blogger Holly, at 09:44  

  • this is a wonderful depiction of chimpy mcflightsuit. And yes!!! I get that squishy feeling too!

    By Blogger Jaimie, at 09:48  

  • liz jones: lol Nah... he's too simple. :-)

    holly: Hee hee... Thanks.

    jaimie: "chimpy mcflightsuit" OMG! Thanks for the huge laugh. I have not heard that before. Good one.
    Ever time I see GW on tv I have this annoying habit of saying in a giggly voice, "Look at the funny monkey! Oh... wait. Sorry."

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 13:26  

  • Before I was an antiquarian book dealer, I did a Master at University in Art History, that's where I began drinking coffee...

    Never heard of a squishy feeling, but sometimes, when I look at a work of art, I feel squishy, though I'm not sure of what that means. Anyway, it's about time you find a name for your bad art and squishyism looks great to me.

    I suddenly feel very squichy, it's probably the new invention of a new isme of art history... We are making history here...

    squishy love

    By Blogger Clo, at 16:50  

  • I love your artwork. Indeed you could make money with some of the illustrations...

    By Blogger D. Maria, at 17:22  

  • Both the Cheney and the Bush-monkey are perfect! (I always think I'm seeing a monkey too!!!) So, funny!

    And yep, you're an artist. The squishiness is a dead give away!!

    hugs and squishes!

    By Blogger creative kismet, at 08:53  

  • I feel squishy every time I visit your page!

    By Blogger Andrea, at 16:04  

  • So romantic! Love!

    By Blogger scribblesk, at 17:16  

  • clo: "Squishyism"! Brilliant! I love it!

    d maria: What? Are you offering to buy something? :-)

    creative kismet: Thanks. Dang, that's what was afraid of. :-)

    big a: Ha! LOL! I hope that's a good thing.

    scribblesk: Hmm... I guess you're right. Everyone loves something.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 13:50  

  • br-oil-ing-fun-LOVE

    By Blogger crosshatched, at 16:04  

  • One of the best I've seen in a long, long time.

    By Anonymous MsWings, at 21:02  

  • crosshatched: :-)

    mswings: (blush):-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 11:08  

  • Of course it's a good thing!

    By Blogger Andrea, at 10:40  

  • big a: :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 11:47  

  • You are the crazyest monkey ever, and bush is the stupidest.. so at least you win there!

    By Blogger MuseTigerBrooke, at 00:30  

  • This is a great illo. I really love it Mr. Unknown. I think the squishy feeling is because you wet your pants though. Keep drawing!

    By Blogger Jonpaul, at 02:00  

  • musetigerbrooke: Are you insinuating that I'm related to that bastard?!

    jonpaul: :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 18:42  

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