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Monday, January 21, 2008


This is my picture for Illustration Friday the theme is plain. "Plain" was painted with acrylics on canvas paper.

My stupid scanner was too small. So, I had to scan the image twice, then put the pieces together in PhotoStudio. That's why there's a line through the lower half of the picture. Believe me, the painting is so much more awesome in person.

BWhahahahahahahahaha... meh.

This is the first image that popped into my head when I read this week's theme. I had the idea on Friday, but as usual, I've been one busy monkey and didn't have time to do the painting until yesterday.

This new job is kicking my butt a little bit. I need to build up my stamina. Or I need six more hours in each day. I guess building up stamina would be more feasible.

Anyhow, I haven't used my paints in a while and thought it might be fun. I'm not crazy about the way the painting turned out, but I like the way the tie looks and I did mix all the colors myself. (I'm pretty proud of that.) So, it was another good learning experience and we could all use more learning.

Did you learn anything new last week? Did you want to leave me some love?


  • Great illo. I have a hat just like that for going out!

    By OpenID hatrabbit, at 12:38  

  • hatrabbit: Thanks.
    You must be the belle of the ball when you go out like that.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 13:18  

  • Great interpretation and painting. Hmmm, somehow reminds me of my highschool boyfriend. :)

    By Blogger Cristi Clemmons, at 16:02  

  • cristi clemmons: Thanks.
    Really? Did he have bad acne? Was he scared in a fight with a bear? Was he burned by acid. Did he like the opera?
    BWHAhahahahahahahahaha... ahem.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 09:59  

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