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Friday, October 26, 2007

Trick or Treat II

This is my second picture for the Illustration Friday theme, trick or treat. “Trick or Treat II” was drawn on the back of the October 11 and October 12 pages of my Get Fuzzy desk calendar with a Faber-Castle 3-H pencil, inked in with my fine tip Gel-Roller, then the color and text were added using PhotoStudio.

For those that don’t get it, this is a take on “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.”

In fact if you follow this link you can watch the clip I got the idea from, and if you pause the clip at 55 seconds, you can see the picture I was copying.

I’m soooooo clever.

Bwhahahahahahahahaha… ahh.

Not really.

Will you wait for the Great Pumpkin? Will you leave me some love?

Trick or Treat

This is my picture of Illustration Friday the theme is Trick or Treat. “Trick or Treat” was drawn on the back of the October 5 page of my Get Fuzzy desk calendar with a Faber-Castle 3-H pencil, inked in with my fine tip Gel-Roller and colored in PhotoStudio.


I think we got tricked.

BWhahahahahahahahaha… ahem.

I got a rock.

Are you going trick or treating? Are you going to leave me some love?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Friendly Reminder

Bush and Cheney are talking a lot lately, about what a threat Iran is becoming. To me, this seems quite similar to the rhetoric they were spouting before starting the war in Iraq. So, this post is just a friendly reminder to not be a dumbass.

This is an old picture, but one of my favorites. I’m thinking about having some shirts printed up. Would you buy one?

In other news;

I haven’t been around for a while, but I have been working on a few projects. (None of which are finished yet.) As well as being busy, life also threw a few different curves balls my way. Most of them good, but these “balls” also brought to light some deeper issues along my path that I had been doing my best to ignore.

I will get into more details in another post very soon. Right now, all I’m trying to say is, don’t give up on me yet.

In other, other news;

I got to meet and be in a sketch with (Many thanks to Courtenay and Tyler) one of my idols.

Yep, that’s me and Bruce Campbell. How fucking cool is that!

Do you ever act like a dumbass? Do you want to leave this dumbass some love?