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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tango and Angus: Plus Super-Bro

This is a picture of Tango and Angus, my brother's dogs. My wonderful brother has been finding some work for me around his house. Little repairs and such.

Well, the work was running out and I still haven't found a job. So, Super-Bro said, "You know, I like your art. I want to commission you to paint pictures of my dogs."

And I did.

Here's Tango

Here's Angus

And I want to say, Thanks Bro.

Do you have cool siblings? Do you want to leave me some love?


  • Love <3

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:01  

  • Love <3

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:01  

  • I LOVE Tango and Angus! I especially like the look on Angus' face. I can't quite find the words this morning to capture what I see in his face, but it makes me smile. He looks like he knows something I don't...something that makes him chuckle.

    I have a GREAT friend in my brother. His bravely honest insights have helped me through some rough times over the years. Plus he always makes me laugh. He lives life to the fullest, plays as hard as he works, Loves BIG and laughs big!

    Brothers are the best! I think that deal with yours worked out great for both of you!

    Keep up the "Bad Art" that makes people feel GOOD Johnpaul! Thanks for sharing your process!

    By Blogger Billie, at 07:30  

  • Here's some more bad art--a statue called Okeanos:

    By Blogger Strange N. Stranger, at 08:19  

  • The artist showed his paintings and began, "Oh, fiddlesticks!

    I always have this trouble when the paints I start to mix!

    Here's Ango and here's Tangus," the embarrassed artist said,

    "Instead of blending paints, I blended both the dogs instead."


    By Blogger Joey Polanski, at 13:45  

  • I love this. So existentialist. Hahhaah!

    By Blogger Ces, at 05:04  

  • By the way. I am so jealous. I always envied your blog title. I wish I thought of that and also your quote "I am an artist, will you love me?"

    By Blogger Ces, at 05:05  

  • <3LOVE<3

    By Anonymous TravelingMermaid, at 19:20  

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