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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Coffee Stain

Ode To My Coffee Stain.

Oh, coffee stain great symbol of my day,
Circular like my life,
Circular like the sun that beats down on me through the window of my favorite bookstore,
Purposefully placed here by my own hand,
Representing the hoops I chose not to jump through today,
Choosing instead a walk Downtown,
Leading me to this spot,
Where I made a coffee stain.

Will you love me?


  • i will always love you and your stains.

    By Blogger gorky love, at 12:19  

  • gorky love: And I would love to stain you.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 12:50  

  • omg-i so love it! lol...

    happy thanksgiving!

    *mauhz and hugs*


    By Blogger Kerry, at 16:03  

  • don't start now. i'm wearing a white blouse and drinking coffee. but i love you. love

    By Blogger transience, at 16:34  

  • I can think of something circular on your procession that has to do with stains now - but love you anyway. Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 19:00  

  • Extremely bad - well done! Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 19:02  

  • No, no extremely good!


    By Blogger The Cookie Monster, at 01:11  

  • A ring of confidence....but I'm disappointed you didn't tell us what type of paper was used and whether you Photoshopped at any stage.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02:28  

  • I love the little coffee stain. Your mess is quite fun. Love

    By Blogger Holly, at 08:50  

  • This is the happiest coffee stain I ever saw.
    LOVE. (to the stain)

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 16:39  

  • the hoops i chose not to jump through...nice.

    By Blogger Andrea, at 11:26  

  • kerry adams: Thanks love. Happy gorging to you to.

    transience: May your stains be as lucky as mine!

    sandbox: OH MY!

    anonymous: Thanks... I think? (wink)

    the cookie monster: Yummy. Chomp chomp. Thanks!

    detlef: I love a good mystery. Bwhahahahahahah... (ahem)

    holly: I had fun and a few odd looks because I made the stain in the middle of a coffee shop. Wee Hee!

    merlinprincesse: Ha Ha You can't assimilate a stain! I have defeated the borg!

    big a: Life of Riley. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 16:38  

  • Happy smile that I love today!

    By Blogger LDahl, at 19:02  

  • oh how i love coffee it's my only friend, besides you... snif snif ... it's only because i have never seen you, if i did see you i would turn you to stone. alas this is why i have no friends, only snakes.

    By Blogger RedT0pMedusa, at 15:40  

  • ldahl: You are happy, my stain is happy, I am happy.

    redt0pmedusa: Umm... maybe you should wear a hat.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 20:27  

  • I'm glad I chose to scroll down this page..else I would have been deprived of such poetic genius; truely an understanding of the deepest shallows.

    How could we not love? Love.

    By Blogger Don, at 00:17  

  • don: Well I'm glad you decided to scroll down as well. Poetic Genius though? You don't get out much do you. Thanks!

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 11:54  

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