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Friday, November 11, 2005

Strength (sappy)

My salute to parents. Raising a child today takes a strength I do not possess at this time. Maybe someday.

This is a picture for Illustration Friday. The theme is strength. I drew this baby on a piece of cardboard and colored him in with photoshop. Will you love my baby? Will you love me?


  • I hear that! I don't know if I have the strength for that as well! But then, I've been acting 12 for the last 40 years. That may have something to do with it! Keep up the great drawings! I'll be back!

    By Blogger doodlestreet, at 14:55  

  • That which does not kill us makes us stronger. (You can quote me.) I must be REALLY strong now with two boys to whip into shape. Thanks for the grin. Love.

    By Blogger andrea, at 18:33  

  • Ha. Funny.

    By Anonymous krista, at 19:19  

  • He looks just like you!

    Division of Labor: You change the diapers, and I'll love him.


    By Blogger Catnapping, at 23:17  

  • Where's the baby's bad art?


    (And the word verification includes the word "cot" --- ah!)

    By Blogger Caroline, at 04:04  

  • Awwww, you were so cute with those psycho eyes and he-man chin. Your parents must indeed had a lot of strength - assuming they took you out of the house.

    Not so sappy.

    With much love,


    By Blogger Perriette, at 05:49  

  • Is that the Famous Zombie-Baby?

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 08:06  

  • *vomit* This is the ugliest baby I have EVER seen - well done! The answer is no. Love you anyway. Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 16:09  

  • Takes strength to raise 'em and even more strength to watch 'em leave the nest. It all takes love. Nice illustration.

    By Blogger Twisselman, at 16:18  

  • Man, that is one bumpy baby. Somebody burp that kid! He looks like he is going to explode! Is he ok? Love (burp!)

    By Blogger Holly, at 16:28  

  • i think he looks a lot like you. so is that you when you were a baby?? or is it the baby that you might have one day? Either way s/he does look a bit lumpy. and a bit like a pig. :/ Love you, not sure about Jr.

    By Blogger Hero's Cousin, at 17:27  

  • I feel a sugar shock coming on from the sweetness of this illo.

    By Blogger Tony Sarrecchia, at 19:28  

  • *!!!!!VOMIT!!!!!!* Love anyway. Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 20:43  

  • i think you're already having a vision of your own strength.

    By Blogger isay, at 03:31  

  • Is that a baby rattle or a branding iron? Poor baby is rustling for the Unknown X ranch.
    Love, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys...:)))

    By Blogger LDahl, at 13:03  

  • I can't love a baby that looks like the Michelin tire man, but I'll still love least in the back room with the lights out.
    Fair enough?

    By Blogger Alekx, at 09:08  

  • that baby looks like bat boy! ~love~

    By Blogger Andrea, at 16:26  

  • that is the probalby one of the 10 scarriest babies I've ever seen. Yes I've seen some scarier.

    But I will still fondle er ummm love you. hehehehe

    By Blogger Burfica, at 08:23  

  • Ah! I understand! This baby is BOB, one month before his mutation into this STRANGE SEVEN ARMED Shiva Nataraja... ;o)
    Love to BOB anyway.

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 10:14  

  • The strength is in the smell that comes from the diapers.

    By Blogger Tony LaRocca, at 16:58  

  • doodlestreet: Wee hee! Thanks. Come back soon.

    andrea: Whip them into shape before they're big enough to whip you!

    krista: Ha! Thanks!

    catnapping: The sad thing is he looks just like me now.

    caroline: Well, see I don't have a baby. Hence no baby bad art. unless I forge it or borrow a baby. Hmm...?

    fifi: None of the above. I had the ultimate baby sitter. TV.

    merlinprincesse: Is there any famous zombie baby? Mabye the one that was in the latest "Dawn of the Dead" movie.

    anonymous: his mother loves him!

    twisselman: It takes the police to evict them.

    holly: Instead of chicken pox he got osterich pox.

    hero's cousin: I will have to find a picture of me as a baby and post it. He looks nothing like me.

    tony: Ahh... sappy. :-)

    sandbox: Thank you for the honesty!

    isay: What?!

    ldahl: You have discovered his secret! He was raised by cattle rustlers! That would explain the John Wayne movies.

    alekx: You would love the baby if you needed traction.

    big a: Have you seen the musical?

    burfica: Wee Hee. I'm in the top ten. At least the baby is happy.

    merlinprincesse: Ha ha that's funny.

    tony larocca: Take all the strength you want then!

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 18:45  

  • I really like your blog. I'm going to blogroll you on my 'jokes to make you laugh' blog...if you don't mind...LOL

    By Blogger D. Maria, at 19:09  

  • d. maria: I don't mind roll me all you want.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 12:05  

  • That is one gross baby! Just like his father. You.

    By Blogger Jonpaul, at 01:14  

  • jonpaul: It's a baby photo of you I found stuck under your mothers pillow.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 01:29  

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