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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Strange and Wonderful

This is a picture of the Karate Man that lives in my neighborhood. Karate Man was drawn on a scrap of multi-purpose copy paper then colored and cleaned up with Photoshop. Karate Man is a strange guy. In the summer he'll stand on the sidewalk in front of his house and swing his nunchakus around while striking different poses. His house is right next to a bus stop and a 24-hour quickie-mart so a lot of people pass by him. When someone walks by he'll strike a karate pose and just stare. It's a little creepy. However, once just as I was getting off the bus, I saw Karate Man come bursting through his front door, run over to the quickie-mart and chase away three thugs that where picking on this one younger kid. Karate Man didn't really hit anyone. He just waved his arms a lot and made some weird grunting noises. It worked. The attackers ran away.
Karate Man is just one of the many strange and wonderful things in my neighborhood. While drawing this I started to think of some of the strange and wonderful things I have seen in my other neighborhood and before you knew it I had added a bunch of those strange and wonderful neighbors into the Karate Man picture. I drew the pictures from memory. If they aren't as accurate as you like... too bad. I still love you all. Anyhow, lets see whom we have in the picture.

Look out! There's HELLCAT. Training in tough love.

Catnapping can be found Catnapping here or here.

I believe that is Mr. Detlef Jumpertz peeking out from behind Karate Man but I have only seen one picture of him and it was Fifi's interpretation of Mr. Jumpertz.

Speaking of Fifi, She is there looking stunning as always.

Caroline, who was kind enough to allow me to use this lovely green kitty for my ID photo for a while, is moving away from the cats to avoid being used as a scratching post.

Merlinprincesse is trying to assimilate us all because she is Borg.

Andrea is floating her magical blue cube in the sky.

And KG is above it all.

These are just some of the strange and wonderful places I try to visit on a regular basis. There are too many to mention. Maybe if you bitch enough I will find a way to add you to the picture. I do love you all. Will you please leave some love for me?


  • So glad I am SOOOOO much better looking than Fifi!!! Think I could scare Karate Man away by just looking at him ... he's a wimp. Detlef is ready to get his head chopped };-} Love you Unknown. Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 03:43  

  • But I'm better looking than you, Hellcat! Wanna fight about it? (Put up your dukes.) Unknown love: can I borrow your image and post it, linking back to you? My ego demands it.

    By Blogger andrea, at 09:01  

  • I've already assimilated all of ya! But that's because I love you!!! (teehee) BTW, how are the babies... :o). And I'm more more more cute in real life. YEP. Love you and you and you...... and you too, dear Unknown!!!! (Fabulous drawing)...

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 09:30  

  • I'm a copycat... Can I use your pic toooooooooooo.?!*!!!?

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 09:31  

  • (laughing)love to you and your lovely neighborhood, especially karate man.

    By Blogger Beth, at 11:07  

  • ROFLWMP WWA !!!!!

    By Blogger Catnapping, at 11:25  

  • in english, that's:

    rolling on floor, wetting my pants, with wild abandon.

    By Blogger Catnapping, at 11:28  

  • laughing.

    By Blogger Catnapping, at 11:28  

  • Wow is that me? You are right about the problem with being a potential scratching post... but I'm a bit more worried about the look that Fifi is giving me...

    By Blogger Caroline, at 12:35  

  • so worried I almost forgot the love


    By Blogger Caroline, at 12:35  

  • OH My Word! I AM as stunning as always! No wonder Hellcat is so jealous. heehee

    Have I ever told you how much I love you? Well, I do!

    By Blogger Perriette, at 14:17  

  • Fifi has not noticed with those dark sunnies that I have a body and she doesn't!! Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 14:30  

  • Caroline ... wouldn't worry about FiFi cause she is NOBODY! You forgot to draw a nappy or diaper on Catnapping Unknown!!! Andrea has let Stardom go to her head ... Hellcat is waiting for her in the Snandbox with MUCH better looking dukes };-} Love your neighbourhood Unknown. Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 20:54  

  • As usual I've come to the party (fashionably) late. I like the fact that you've portrayed me as a debonair man about town (how apt and accurate). I note the elegant Fifi near by, again how apt as we bring the class to this drawing. In return, I will provide this site with a major scoop (not of poo but as in newsworthiness) that come 2006 I will be doing a self portrait so people get better handle on what a handsome bugger I am.

    Love Karate Man, love my depiction even more, but really really love the Unknown.


    Detlef (where's my mirror again?)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:23  

  • Detlef is suck-up narcissist in a Class of his own! Can I chop his head now? Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 00:14  

  • Oh my! this is quite funny indeed. If I saw karate man I think I would run away! Yikes! Nice tribute to your loving fans-love! Happy New year too.

    By Blogger Holly, at 06:13  

  • I agree with Hellcat. Chop his head girl. So I will be the nicest narcissist in the gang...
    Love. *borgblogblush*

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 08:57  

  • :) hi , i am anu from india.

    I found your post amusing and i was smiling through it.

    Thanks n hugs

    By Blogger anu, at 09:17  

  • I am fondue of this neighbourhood too. HellCat looks like she still has the thermometer from her visit to the vet.
    Luv ....::::: )

    By Blogger modroom, at 10:21  

  • love!

    By Blogger Andrea, at 10:46  

  • LOL :o)
    Love this fantastic "family portrait" so much that I put a print on my fridge!
    P.S. I have my own blog now!
    P.P.S. Only two pics for the moment!

    By Blogger Clo, at 10:54  

  • Blodbroom is jealous. Gna Gna! He's just the wind in the family portrait! :o))))))))

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 13:35  

  • sanbox: My, my such a mean little kitty, but sooo cute!

    andrea: Ha ha, I want to watch the fight. Yes you can use the image. Please give me credit though. :-) My ego demands it! (wink)

    merlinprincesse: Ahh... sweet... but I have not been assimilated because I am EVIL! Bwhahahahahahahaha... em...

    merlinprincesse: Use the pic!

    kimberly: Thanks! Ha-son chop!

    catnapping x 3: Ha, ha! My drawing of your picture turned out BAD! It looks like a gargoyle. Glad you can laugh at it. Thanks Love!

    caroline: LOL! Wee Hee, I didn't even think of that! (cat owner, er... slave) Kind of looks that way! Thanks for remembering the love!

    Fifi: STUNNING INDEED! :-)

    sandbox: And what a body! Sticky Stickerson.

    anonymous: WOW! NICE!

    detlef: Thanks! I'm a quiver with excitement to see your mug. Thanks for the scoop!

    sandbox: Chop away Love!

    holly: Yeah, I usually stay on the other side of the street and thanks Love!

    merlinprincesse: LOL! :-)

    anu: Hi anu from india! Glad I could lend you a smile! :-) Stop by again!

    modroom: What?! I thought I was the one dripping with cheesy goodness?!

    big a: :-)

    clo: ON THE FRIDGE! Beware, you might spoil all that food! thanks love!

    merlinprincesse: Maybe that's true but I always get the last word or wind as the case may be. (wink)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 14:53  

  • ooh, thanks for including me in your world (and looks like i'm in good company, too). looks like a crazy surreal justice league! ;-) will visit you more once the holidays are over and i have more time to blog.

    happy new year!


    ps - sorry i ever doubted you saw bionic woman's breast...

    By Blogger kg, at 17:26  

  • MerlinPipeline what a stirrer!

    By Blogger modroom, at 18:55  

  • LUV !

    By Blogger modroom, at 19:25  

  • Great ideal...we should all give this a!

    By Blogger The Whippy Curly Tails, at 19:45  

  • Well now, Mr Kman look very Pulp Fiction to me...

    Such a story and such great copys of your blog lovers!

    Must go visit Miss Fifi...not sure if I have been there catnapping!

    Much love &
    The Tart

    By Blogger The Tart, at 19:49  

  • awwwww this is great!!!love it, love

    By Blogger ValGalArt, at 21:33  

  • kg: Cool! Yay the DC universe eh... :-)

    modroom: Hmm... What? :-)

    modrom: Thanks!

    lyn: Yes do!

    jody: If only I could capture your tarty beauty then I would put you in the picture and do visit miss Fifi!

    valgalart: :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 22:18  

  • Andrea sent me here and you asked for it so here I am leaving love for you. I hope it adds nicely to the mountain of love you've already received.

    By Blogger Reluctant Nomad, at 06:07  

  • reluctant nomad: Hi, Thanks. You can never have too much love! (thanks andrea)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 13:36  

  • HEHEHEHE.... i'm so amused! <3 Muse

    By Blogger MuseTigerBrooke, at 17:17  

  • Awww, so sweet it melts the enamel off your teeth!

    By Blogger RedT0pMedusa, at 17:20  

  • Tiresome of Andrea taking so long to shgow her not so attractive dukes!

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 21:10  

  • I'm here and I'm ready, Hellcat! I was just off sharpening them. I figured we might as well do it here as anywhere else, since our host likes to watch! (hee hee)

    By Blogger andrea, at 21:13  

  • Oops.

    By Blogger andrea, at 21:14  

  • Ooops. Love?????????


    Scaredy Cat! Chicken!

    Love YOU Unknown };-}

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 21:29  

  • Cutsey, nicey ones ... with gleeming teeth and taylored suits?What a bloodless match!! No hope for a cold blooded fish. Have already buried her in the litterbox!

    LOVE you Unknown *gorgeous eyelashes fluttering*

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 21:49  

  • . . . fascinating Captain

    By Blogger Shane, at 23:24  

  • I've just noticed that you didn't include yourself in your own neighbourhood... unless you are the Karate Man...


    By Blogger Caroline, at 02:35  

  • Just wanted to pop in and say how fun this illustration is.
    Love it.

    By Blogger Toni, at 05:09  

  • Love it! I guess every neighborhood has my hometown we had "Gloves".He wore a cap with earflaps (year round),and walked the town all day toting a Big Box of colorful gloves.He had a pair for every task ( one pair for opening the laundromat door, one for the grocery,etc,etc. love

    By Blogger Janet, at 06:38  

  • You win, H. My mummy made me come home and go to bed.

    By Blogger andrea, at 08:05  

  • Detlef, I breathlessly await your self-portrait but if it is not finished by the end of this year I may suffocate.

    Returning to hibernation, Unknown, may pop back up around Valentine's Day. Please be careful of Hellcat, she may be rabid.


    By Blogger Perriette, at 12:02  

  • KarateMan ROCKS!

    Love, Carolyn

    By Blogger Carolyn, at 14:12  

  • unknown? hello? what has karate man done with you?

    By Blogger Beth, at 14:55  

  • WIMPS! All of you };-} MWAHAHAHAHA

    Unknown have you been buried? Boohoo *throws an old wilted rose into heap* Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 22:57  

  • musetigerbroke: Oh the muse is a-mused. Ha ha ha.

    redt0pmedusa: Go see a dentist!

    anonymous and andrea: WOW! Sorry I missed that one. Maybe I should install a chatbox on my sight.

    shane: Umm... thanks Spock?

    caroline: I only wish I was the Karate-Man. I figured I'm featured in enough of my pictures as it is.

    toni kelly: Thanks love. :-)

    janet: "Gloves" That's awesome! lol!

    andrea: What... do you have to be home by the time the streetlights come on?

    Fifi: OK. Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits and I LOVE your page! Hibernate well my friend!

    carolyn: Hee, hee! :-)

    kimberly: I stayed on the other side of the street.

    Hellcat: What! An old withered rose? I can't even get some new flowers for my funeral? (sigh) At least you didn't use me for a litterbox. YET! :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 00:21  

  • Dear Unknown,

    Karate Man is awesome. He's cool. Every town has a Karate Man. Karate Man in your town is also a super hero. You're lucky!

    But there's only one Queen of The World. And she doesn't feel very loved because she's not in your picture.

    Nevertheless, Her Majesty leaves you some love with this comment. Love, love, love.

    Very truly yours,

    By Blogger Empress Baggie, at 22:14  

  • empress baggie: Queen of The World you say. Get a better driver you are sooo late for this party. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 14:17  

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