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Friday, February 10, 2006


This is my picture for Illustration Friday. This is a repost of an older picture but it is a perfect example of how sometimes a simple task is not that simple.
Take that Von Glitschka!

Today I decided my luck needed some changing. Joyously I headed to the backyard. I was going to pick myself a four-leaf clover. After searching for about twenty minutes I said, "Fuck this! Finding good luck should be simple! Who the hell decided four-leaf clovers are good luck? From this day forward I decree that three-leaf clovers are now good luck." As I bent down to pick my three-leaf clover a rock flew from the neighbors lawn mower, cleared a gap in the fence and clocked me in the eye. What are the odds? I'd say you can't get any luckier than that. My lucky three-leaf clover was put on a piece of paper torn from my girlfriends "Get Fuzzy" notebook. Sorry about the blood.

If you pick a three-leaf clover you will get lucky. Will you love me?

P.S. Does anyone know how to get blood off a scanner?


  • That's a funny story. That isn't real blood, is it?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:26  

  • Dang bro, that is a simply crazy story..I hate 4 leaf clovers, but then again I hate leprechauns and any drunk Irishman I encounter at closing time, as well.

    Simply put..KICK ASS Piece!

    P.S Unicorn tears are the best way to get blood off a scanner..Wroks great on cat piss too!

    By Blogger The Original Dangster, at 09:36  

  • Here'z some luv fer ya dude. Next time, try looking for a penny on the ground heads up. (supermarket parking lots are the best place) Either that or use club soda on your scanner...

    As for me, I'd kick your lawnmowing neighbor in the fanny for not cleaning the yard before mowing. Next time it could be a lawn dart or a cow patty...


    By Blogger steve, at 09:43  

  • LOL! Yr a riot! ROTFLOL!

    Cool composition, too! Mary :-0

    By Blogger Mary Stebbins Taitt, at 09:54  

  • About time I left some love for you Monsieur Unknown. Sorry to hear about your hilarious accident, but now you have a great afterdinner story! Or before if no-one's hungry yet. I'm wondering whether a 13-leaf clover would be lucky, unlucky, or simply genetic engineering gone mad?

    By Blogger johnnynorms, at 09:55  

  • That is on unlucky clover you picked. But the blood certainly spices up the composition. good job!

    By Blogger Jaimie, at 10:03  

  • unknown anonymous: Of course it is real blood!

    danster: Thanks!
    Unicorn tears!? Damn. I should not have had Unicorn steak for dinner.

    steve: I tried the penny thing and got run over by a shopping cart.

    taittems: Thanks!

    johnnynorms: Thanks! A 13 leaf clover is good luck for witches.

    jaimie: I think I'll buy a lottery ticket.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 10:33  

  • Funny story, Unknown, Three-leaf clover is good luck; as simple as that;-)

    By Anonymous Paula, at 10:56  

  • It's crimson and clover. Over and over. Simply stunning and splendidly simple.

    By Blogger Large Art, at 11:08  

  • you made me smile once again with your story. i have a three clover plant in a pot inside the house.

    sending more luck to you or you prefer love isn't it?

    By Blogger isay, at 11:53  

  • after that episode you need a whole lotta love!LOVE

    By Blogger ValGalArt, at 11:59  

  • ...pretty in a weird sort of way.
    Love ya,

    By Blogger andrea, at 12:35  


    By Anonymous ody, at 12:54  

  • I just knew you would come with something 'simply' your own blood! Yup, you need lots of love.

    By Blogger Teri C, at 13:22  

  • Who the #@#!@ is mowing their lawn in February? Unless you live Down Under or near here, where all it's done is rain forever (until now). Be aware: nothing is *ever* simple, 'cept maybe my shoes.


    By Blogger andrea, at 13:29  

  • yes! you are lucky the whole piece of paper wasn't covered with blood!! You are simply a scream!!! Love to your owie!

    By Blogger creative kismet, at 13:49  

  • paula: Yes! Soon the whole world will see it my way!

    large art: Crimson and clover! Ha! I never thought of that one! And thanks!

    isay: Wee Hee! Thanks that makes my day!

    valgalart: And some ice!

    andrea: :-)

    ody: Hmmm.... ? Thanks.

    teri c: And a band-aid!

    andrea: My neighbor is out there everytime it's dry for more than three days in a row.
    Must be nice shoes. :-)
    EEK! First there were two Shanes! Now there are two Andreas! Maybe the four of you should wrestle in jell-o!

    creative kismet: Heh, heh... kiss my boo boo. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 15:13  

  • yeah, the blood works in a raw, organic way. this is actually quite pretty.

    By Anonymous kaya, at 15:47  

  • All it needs is a haiku.

    Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. -- Charles Mingus

    By Blogger Shane, at 16:14  

  • I can draw more blood - simple! Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 16:36  

  • What luck - you have some bad art! Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 16:39  

  • OMG Sorry about the eye, but you are hella funny. I think I would stay away from clovers all together if I were you.

    By Blogger Shano, at 18:05  

  • Simple art deserves simple comment... :o)

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 18:22  

  • In some primitive cultures, throwing a rock in someone's eye is a sign of the most ardent love, as passion is so close to death. You really did get lucky! Although the blood stains are probably good to keep as a reminder of your neighbor's love, if you wish, you could remove them with a 3:1 mixture of water and ammonia. After certainly have abundant love from your many admirers here. Luck & Love to you!

    By Blogger carla, at 18:50  

  • simplicity is good because it is only as complicated as you want it to be, ie, complexity is in the eye of the beholder.

    It is lovely to be back. Much love!

    By Blogger Hero's Cousin, at 18:50  


    *loads and loads of love for you*

    By Blogger marina, at 21:13  

  • Jello wrestling sounds fun if you ditch the other Andrea. I want photos of Shane and Shane first, though.

    By Blogger andrea, at 21:27  

  • rock and roll man, that's cooler than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

    By Blogger Cory, at 22:12  

  • It's even luckier if you pick it on Friday the 13th while standing under a ladder. Just a suggestion... *G*

    By Blogger Aravis, at 00:07  

  • Who could be luckier than you? Everything that happens to you can be turned into love and thats the best bit of luck around!


    PS Can I watch the jello match please?

    By Blogger Caroline, at 01:36  

  • The larger blood stain looks like a nude male laying on his back. love it!

    By Blogger katat0nik (JaneKL), at 01:48  

  • Simply simple!Good job!Great !

    By Anonymous marc, at 04:14  

  • !!!!!!!

    By Blogger laura, at 04:29  

  • this illo remainds me roses.. Red roses. Red rose leaves with bload... Really simple and amazing , atractive design. love it. :)

    By Blogger ShaManiak, at 04:58  

  • nice one the blood looks like it wants to run away.

    By Blogger Kiri, at 05:01  

  • you have the most unussual sense of luck. I think the blood adds drama to the piece. hugs and love

    By Blogger Toni, at 05:44  

  • If you can't get the blood off your scanner, maybe you can get some of that spray they use on CSI and turn it purple.

    By Blogger IdiotHead, at 09:04  

  • Sometimes, it is the simple things that make the most sense. I am adopting your Lucky three-leaf clover decree!
    As for the blood off the scanner, I say leave it there...It looks good! It adds a je ne sais quoi!
    By the way I love your W post above...It is really well drawn and you have a great sense of humor!

    By Blogger Alexa Brett, at 18:39  

  • Nice illustration. I like this style.
    Your reasoning about the clover sounds alot like mine would be in that situation.

    Lovey Dovey

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweety.

    By Blogger diosaperdida, at 18:56  

  • I think you deserve a medal for your spilled blood
    bringing this illo to us, gory gory halleluyah.

    very sharp

    By Blogger HARDWAX, at 21:38  

  • Whoa. Yard work is a dangerous activity that should be avoided.

    Wonderfully creative post.

    Peace and love to you and your neighbor.

    By Blogger Twisselman, at 07:23  

  • Right on! We have acres of clover and i never find one! My SL takes a walk and come back with three or four! Good Ill. Have a good week!

    By Blogger Joe, at 10:05  

  • What a story, hope your eye is better. The illo turned out to be a documentary of simple chase of lucky clovers.

    By Blogger Katili, at 11:26  

  • Well it could'nt have happened to a nicer guy. Think I might leave clovers alone for a while. Good image, good to see someone suffering for their art.

    By Blogger modroom, at 11:47  

  • well the blood looked artistically perfect in it so better not remove it. and lol about that lucky rock! you should have picked that instead. ha!

    By Blogger atomicvelvetsigh, at 12:37  

  • the stones have it out for you... try acetone that gets anything out and damn that neighbor i bet he's the one that called the cops on fritz

    By Blogger RedT0pMedusa, at 17:32  

  • Tell your neighbour to put the catcher on! My sister used to do a good fake 4 leaf clover when we were kids, by adding an extra leaf to a 3 leafer. I think we did find a 4 leaf one once, but they're sort of a weird genetic anomaly, so not really a good sign, at least in scientific terms :). Your picture is simple and powerful!

    By Blogger Ian T., at 19:51  

  • Thats a great simple piece. Love the story and love the blooood.

    Eff them four leaf clovers.

    By Blogger Alex, at 20:02  

  • kaya: Happy to bleed for you!? :-/

    shane: A Haiku!

    If good luck is found
    Flying rock beats three clovers
    My blood is the proof

    Now I am Perfect!

    Well tingle my Mingus! Nice.

    Hellcat: Ha! Bad Kitty!

    anonymous: I'm sooooo lucky.

    shano: Thanks. I believe you are right.

    merlinprincesse: You are funny!

    carla: Thanks. That sounds like good advice but I used all the ammonia getting rid of Hellcat stains.

    hero's cousin: Thanks. It is lovely to have you back love.

    marina: lol. Thanks.

    andrea: Ok, how about instead of wrestling you watch a movie and instead of Shane and Shane you have a cozy chair and a tub of popcorn. :-)

    cory: Thanks! Umm... why exactly is a one legged man in a butt kicking contest cool?

    aravis: With a black cat crossing your path just as you break a mirror while whistling MacBeth backstage.

    caroline: Yes. I'm lucky. The jell-o wrestling is now a movie and popcorn.

    katat0nik (JaneKL): Really???? I think someone needs a hug. *hug* And thanks!

    marc: Thanks! :-)

    laura: Thanks! :-)

    ShaManiak: Well, I guess you could say art is in my blood. Bwhahahahaha.

    kiri: Yes, most things like to run away from me. Perhaps it is the fact that I don't have a face.

    toni kelly: Oooohh. Thanks. I'm all about the drama.

    idiothead: Yeah! Great idea... or I could just use Photoshop. :-)

    alexa brett: WoW! Thanks, thanks and thanks. (blush) :-)

    diosaperdida: Thanks! Lovey Dovey and Happy Valentines right back at ya! :-)

    hardwax: Suffer for your art! "gory gory halleluyah"! Funny!

    twisselman: I agree about the yardwork. Best avoided all together.

    joe: Thanks. I have friends that always find them too.

    katili: Simple!? Thanks. :-)

    modroom: "Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy"?! Hmm... thanks?

    atomicvelvetsigh: OY! I didn't even think about keeping the rock! I should go find it!

    redt0pmedusa: Ha! Maybe.

    ian t: A weird genetic anomaly?! Egads. I'm glad I didn't find one.

    alex: Thanks. Yeah! eff em! :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 23:08  

  • How about a little true story:
    When I was 14, I was taking a walk with my cousin and she said: "Why not search for four-leaf clover?" There was a bunch of them about 2 feet large and I agree. Well, we found about 12 or 15 four-leaf clover EACH of us! I probably still have some of them somewhere...

    Another one? About 10 years ago, in an old book, I found a four-leaf clover about 3-4 inches large! I still have that one, in the basement of my bookshop, between an old horseshoe and a baby shoe I found in that basement.

    Do you like true stories?


    By Blogger Clo, at 07:20  

  • Luv, there must be blood all over your back yard. Kinda like the Stephen King novel CELL.
    Sheesh, bandaids for every finger.

    Frightfully lovely post hon.
    So more luv then luv,
    The Tart

    By Blogger The Tart, at 11:23  

  • clo: Ha! You have reminded me of a story about me when I was young. Now I have a new idea for a picture. Brilliant!

    jody: Thanks! How about a friggin bandage? :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 13:18  

  • :O)))
    Anytime my dear Benedict! ;O)

    By Blogger Clo, at 16:09  

  • This is a little to gory for me...LMAO!!

    By Blogger D. Maria, at 17:17  

  • Antibacterial Fantastik works the best at getting the blood off of my scanner . . . although the bits of blood and skull between the keys on your keyboard, sorry, can't help ya. Great post.

    By Blogger moverlow, at 21:08  

  • I thought it was a portrait of a three-leaf clover murder before I read on. You are too funny.

    By Blogger Roz Foster, at 13:58  

  • Hmmm... if this is a Rosarch test, I see a red, mutilated chicken, craning its neck to eat a falling clover. Cool.

    By Blogger Tony LaRocca, at 14:10  

  • Seem I like those spots, seem full of passion.

    By Blogger Lu***, at 01:47  

  • Woow!!! a realy like this... is very abstract.

    By Blogger Gise, at 16:15  

  • Lol, that's a great story (I hope your eye didn't hurt too much!) and a great illustration.

    By Anonymous Stephanie, at 23:58  

  • Is that real blood? It looks real but I'm not sure and I like how its just splattered around and it still has unity while drawing your eyes to the "lucky" 3 leaf clover. How did you get the blood to look like that?

    By Blogger J Law, at 11:48  

  • clo: Err... who's Benedict?

    d. maria: Ha! I think that's what you said the first time I posted this.

    moverlow: Great advice. Try dumping a bucket of maggots on your keyboard to eat the bits of brain off it. Worked for me.

    roz foster: Ha! Thanks.

    tony larocca: If this is a Rosarch test I hope it's my only one because it hurt.

    lu***: Those spots are full of passion... and plasma.

    gise: :-) Thanks!

    stephanie: Thanks!

    j law: Thanks. Actually it was easy. I just bled.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 13:28  

  • YOU are Benedict, my dear. Remember? Hyno-psycho-test? The comment on the post of the Chair? Maybe you just missed that one? Or maybe you're still under my power?
    OK! At the count of three, you will remember who you really are Benedict: one.... two..... three! :O)

    By Blogger Clo, at 17:42  

  • One... two... three!

    By Blogger Clo, at 17:48  

  • clo: I just remembered I'm a chicken! Yep. Nobody here except us chickens.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 11:46  

  • Oups! Oh my god what did I do?
    OK, I'll try again! At the count of...

    Hey! Wait! I like chickens! Chickens make eggs! Could be helpfull for the rescue party...
    Poc, poc, poc, poc,...


    By Blogger Clo, at 20:02  

  • clo: How about an omelette? Fresh out of my body and onto your plate.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 23:09  

  • you know, as soon as i read your blog i went out to find a 3 leaf clover for good luck, and the first one i picked at random happed to have four leaves! what are the odds? <3

    By Blogger MuseTigerBrooke, at 00:33  

  • musetigerbrooke: What! You are a mutant!

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 18:43  

  • Cool trousers and good idea. I like tea, coffee sometimes. I blame it on King George. I'd like a Field Mouse in my cup with one sugar in it's mouth.

    By Blogger modroom, at 13:55  

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