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Friday, May 26, 2006

Bunny Cake

When I was in the third grade my school had a fair at the end of the year to raise money. Part of the fair was going to be a cakewalk and most of the kids got their mothers to bake something for it. Claire Winston, the rich, pretty girl that everyone envied, brought to school a special bunny cake that her mother had made.

The bunny cake was amazing. It must have been three feet long with giant ears and a bowtie. It was covered in white frosting outlined with blue. The bunny face had gumdrops for eyes, nose and mouth and licorice whiskers.

The whole class coveted the bunny cake and we knew Claire must have the perfect life and family. I imagined being Claire that day. The perfect mom waiting after school to drive you home in the Jaguar. Arriving home then taking a swim in the backyard pool that overlooks the entire valley, while mom makes pork chops and dad watches the evening news. I wanted that cake so bad. It would be like having a small piece of perfection for my very own.

On the day of the fair I was given two dollars and told to have fun. I was allowed to walk to the fair alone because my family only lived a few blocks away. I arrived at the fair before it began and waited anxiously for the cakewalk to start.

When it finally opened I spent half my money on a ticket that would let me take three turns. The first time around the circle I landed on number seven and they called number six. The old woman in front of me chose a pineapple upside down cake from the table of goodies. There was still hope.

Another person took the old woman’s spot, the music started again and we all walked around the circle. This time I landed on number twelve and they called twenty-five. The teenage girl who won walked to the winner’s table and looked over the cakes. She started to grab the bunny cake and my heart sank. Suddenly, she changed her mind and took a seven layer chocolate cake instead. I still had a chance!

Her spot was filled and the music started again. This time I landed on twenty-three. I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers. They called out number twenty-three. I had won! I almost fainted. I ran to the prize table and claimed the bunny cake. I didn’t bother to stay for any more of the fair. Beaming with pride I walked home with my prize and snuck it into my room. This cake was going to be mine and mine alone.

After admiring the bunny cake for several minutes I decided to start by eating one of the ears. I put a huge forkful in my mouth. The cake was some kind of apple-spice and completely awful. The bunny cake was totally stale, the frosting tasted like it was all butter and cream with no sugar, even the gumdrop face and licorice whiskers were rock hard and not worth eating.

I ran into Claire Winston a month later at the Circle K. She was sitting in the front of a U-Haul with her arm hanging out the window while her dad bought some cigarettes. I walked up to the van and said, "Hey Claire. Is your family moving?"

"Yeah." She said. "My parents got a divorce and my dad and I are moving to Idaho. Hey, didn’t you win the bunny cake my mom baked for the school fair?"

"Yeah. It was good." I lied

"Really?" Claire asked surprised

"Well, actually it was horrible. I couldn’t eat it."

"I hate them too." She giggled. "My mom makes one of those cakes every Easter. I can’t stand them. My mom’s a really bad cook."

Then her dad got in the van and they drove away. Claire’s life was like that bunny cake. That’s the moment I realized and really learned, appearances can be deceiving and it’s what on the inside that really counts.

If you would like to know how I made this picture click HERE!

How are your insides? How would you like to leave some love?


  • Oh my gosh .. what an inspirational story ... *tears up* I love it. That was beautiful. Well, about beauty in a person, one cant judge oneself, it would be called egoistical.

    But one can aim to be nice to people, and everything else comes naturally :)

    By Blogger marina, at 17:42  

  • marina: Thanks and yeah! :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 18:36  

  • I remember those school cake walks.Usually they had the best cakes.Sorry you got the crappy bunny.I think this is my favourite of your stories yet! Love

    By Blogger Janet, at 18:38  

  • Seems like that really was your lucky day as you got something far more lasting than a tasty cake!

    And I've never heard of a cake walk - thanks for describing it so clearly.


    By Blogger Caroline, at 01:51  

  • Bunnies taste OK in a stew or pie.

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 05:56  

  • Ain't it the truth. But can the same thing be said about art?


    By Blogger andrea, at 07:39  

  • janet: Heh, heh. Wow! Thanks! (blush)

    caroline: Ha! Good point.
    Thanks. I'm glad to hear that. I was kind of worried if it would come across or not. :-)

    detlef: I had bunny once when I was very young. It was stringy and gross. :-p

    andrea: Hmm... Don't ask me about art. I'm just another charlatan. :-p

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 11:52  

  • This story is wonderful, I love it to pieces, you really have a way with words.

    Also, I like the clear instructions on how you created your illustration and the bunny cake link. Wonderful stuff.

    By Blogger ., at 14:15  

  • Its actually very funny that my cake post is about what is beneath the frosting too.

    By Blogger ., at 14:15  

  • AWWWWWWWWWW! Love your story Unk!
    Love! :)

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 21:53  

  • Great work! The story and the art are, way too cool.


    Love ya, Mean it!

    By Blogger scarecrow, at 04:37  

  • gah - ain't it always the way? caroline's right - the life lesson you got turned out to be much better than the cake.

    (wow, it's been a while - now i must go browse your older posts...)


    By Blogger kg, at 12:02  

  • Thanks for the story and artwork. I really love reading others grade school memories and am always surprised at how many seem so similiar to my own memories.

    By Blogger RHoward, at 17:04  

  • That is such a great story...the next time I feel envious of someone else, I'll think of the bunny cake. Thanks! Great illo, too!

    By Blogger Angela, at 18:03  

  • Hi Unknow,
    You have good inspiration for the story!
    I love the bunny cake.
    Nice week

    By Anonymous marc, at 19:42  

  • oh man, that was a GREAT story. pint-sized envy and revelations...

    By Blogger kat@ohmtastic, at 22:25  

  • Un, you are so insightful and I love when you write about your childhood and remembrances of a simpler time! I have had this experience and you recaptured that feeling for me. Love this, and your ddrawing! Love

    By Blogger ValGalArt, at 23:26  

  • Your explanation was great - AND I know that should I ever happen to be in a relevant situation not to go for the prettiest cake!


    By Blogger Caroline, at 04:48  

  • Ah of the many childhood moments when one learns that life isn't always as we imagine:> I remember similar times in my childhood. Funny thing... I never won any prizes at the fun fairs as a child, but I did win the cake walk as an adult I was walking at my son's request, because he wanted me to win back the cake I donated. I did, and it tasted delicious (of course).

    I love your story! I love your illo! And I hope poor Claire has found love in her life.

    By Blogger carla, at 06:29  

  • HA! I think my insides are ok... I hope they are! well awesome story ... very important lesson every kid learns one way or another... I think I learned that when I got to go to Maria Ignacia's house when i was 7... I thought her life was perfect, turns out her mom was the meanest woman I ever met... and my mom rocks so... i loved her even more after that... ok I'm getting a little wordy.... so lots of love

    Dani California XD

    By Blogger (¯'·._.·[ (DÅNÏˣϯ|¯Ä) ]·._.·´¯), at 09:34  

  • What a great story. I made a motorbike cake once for a boyfriend for his 18th birthday, it was so big, I had to put it in the trunk of the car to get it to him! It was good though. Love.

    By Blogger the heartful blogger, at 12:48  

  • brock: Aww... (blush) Thanks. :-)

    brock: Yeah, I loved your illustration and story.

    merlinprincesse: Thanks!
    Unk?! I think I like it. :-)

    scarecrow: Hey! Thanks. :-p

    kg: Yeah. Seems sweet now but at the time I really wanted that cake. :-)

    rhoward: Thanks and thanks.
    Universal mind? :-P

    super freak: Ha! Cool! Thanks.

    marc: Thanks and you too!

    kat@ohmtastic: Ha! Thanks.

    valgalart: Thanks.
    I always feel a little surprised about the stuff that comes out too. This blog is really stirring up the old memories for me. An unexpected benifit. :-)

    caroline: Cool, thanks.
    Heh, heh. Yeah.

    carla: If only I could remember that lesson on a dailey basis. :-p
    Brillieant idea about snagging your own cake! :-)

    daniela: I bet they're in great shape.
    Ha! :-)

    tammy hanna: I love big cakes! You must be talented in the baking department. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 16:14  

  • Hi Unknown, I don't know if all of your stories are really auto-biographer but they all seem to have a moral and a moment of self reflection. Thanks for sharing.

    PS. My favorite still is the lawn mower story ;0)

    By Blogger Princess Pepper Cloud, at 19:27  

  • great story Unknown, nice work with the watercolor pencils too...Love Lee

    By Blogger Lee, at 03:27  

  • There is nothing worse than bad homemade cake. That seven layer chocolate cake sounds really good now. Love!

    By Blogger Holly, at 03:58  

  • i enjoyed your bunny cake story,thank you!
    much love :)

    By Blogger Fossfor, at 06:59  

  • i loved cake walks dearly.
    your story brought back those memories.
    however no bunny cakes in my past. but it is true. beauty lies way under the icing.

    By Blogger susan, at 20:21  

  • First - I love that you showed your process! That is just so cool and the illustration itself just absolutely ROCKS! Gross bunny cake! Then to top it off your story is just wonderful! Bravo!

    By Blogger tiffinix, at 08:53  

  • I was with you all the way on that story buddy. I loved it...well written.
    Divorce, cigarettes, and U-hauls...yuck.

    By Blogger Brian the Mennonite, at 18:28  

  • Sorry its THE UNK.... That is the name I use when I talk about you (in your back) with Anon..... Mwhahahahahahaha!

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 10:57  

  • princess pepper cloud: Mostly and thanks. That means a lot to me. I'm trying to become a better writer. :-)

    lee: Wee Hee! Thanks.

    holly: True dat!
    My crazy step-mother once made a cake with vicks cough syrup because she didn't have enough sugar. Talk about some bad cake. :-P

    fossfor: Thanks and I enjoyed your comment very much! :-)

    susan: Cool!

    tiffinix: Heh, heh. (blush) Wow, thanks. :-)

    brian the mennonite: Ha! Thanks.
    The way you say it it sounds like a country western song. :-)

    merlinprincesse: Hmm... I think you mean behind my back. :-P

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 15:20  

  • Your stories keep getting more and more engrossing and moving. And of course your illustrations always intrigue. This post is no exception.

    Peace and love to you and to Claire, wherever she is.

    By Blogger Twisselman, at 20:47  

  • You just keep getting better and better every time I come back. Sad but wonderful story and excellent illustration.

    By Blogger creative kismet, at 06:39  

  • twisselman: Wow! (blush) Thanks.

    creative kismet: Heh, heh. (blush) Thanks. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 16:21  

  • Oups Sorry! It's a Frenchicism.... Heh heh. :P
    French Love!

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 22:36  

  • merlinprincesse: Heh, heh. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 10:16  

  • My Friday Morning Donuts are always like the bunny cake, but I guess I haven't quite learned the lesson yet, I still eat them and feel a little sick afterwards..

    I know a friend with a 'perfect' life, and I always envied her, till I discovered she was bulemic, because her father really put the prssure on to be perfect all the damn time.

    Nice story.

    By Blogger Chandira, at 12:11  

  • chandira: I hope they aren't donuts you make for yourself.
    Seems like things are never as perfect as they appear. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 14:16  

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