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Friday, May 26, 2006


This is my picture for Illustration Friday the theme is cake.

This is only the second time I've ever used watercolor pencils. The first time was the previous post, Biscuits and Beer. When I finished Biscuits and Beer I was a little disappointed because I didn't like how the ink smeared. Gorky informed me that it was because I was supposed to do the inking last. That sounded crazy to me how the Hell do you know where the paint goes? Anyhow, Gorky's the artist so I tried it her way. Here's the steps I used.

I drew the sketch using my Faber-Castle 3-H pencil on a piece of watercolor paper provided by Gorky.
Next, I erased the sketch leaving only a faint outline and colored it in with some watercolor pencils, also provided by Gorky.
After that I got a brush wet and spread the color around.
The last step was to ink it in with my beloved Gel-Roller. Gorky was right. The ink didn't smudge. Thanks Gorky.
There's a story that goes with this picture but it was so long I decided to make that story a different post. It's a pretty good story. Gorky thinks so too. It's just a little longer that my normal posts. Anyhow, if you want to read the story click HERE!

Do you ever get wordy? Do you want to leave some love?


  • Well, I can't read your wordy story...nothing happened.....Love

    By Blogger Janet, at 17:11  

  • janet: Sheesh! You're too fast for me. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 17:26  

  • That's a really good story!! Life can be so deceptive at times...
    Have fun with the watercolor pencils! That's about the ony way I can use watercolor and get it to look the way I want!

    By Blogger Liz Jones, at 17:39  

  • liz jones: Thanks. :-)
    The pencils are fun.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 18:35  

  • Cool. Do more.

    By Blogger cosmos, at 20:14  

  • You get a lot more texture into your picture by colouring in like this - always fun to try new media!


    By Blogger Caroline, at 01:52  

  • bunny schmunny.....bah humbug

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 05:58  

  • Ewww. Apple spice bunny cake. Grrrrrrosssssss...

    They have those cake walks at my kids' school, I just whip them up using cake mixes, bake them in square foil pans and frost with corresponding frosting. Not particular fancy but they know what they are getting.

    The expression on your skellington face made me laugh

    By Blogger Gabrielle, at 08:09  

  • So many levels of morals in one bunny cake! It reminded me of Carvell ice cream, and how there was only one mold that was used over and over again for every ice cream cake they made. Cool pic.

    By Blogger Tony LaRocca, at 08:43  

  • Yea- I is wordy a lot- way too much=> I have a story along the lines of yours: I was in 2nd grade- my sis in 4th- we went to school fair- I won large round triple layer choc. cake (no bunny)--I was so happy and excited- as we didn't have a baker mom- we were of the fam. sort that Claire turned out to belong to. So me and sis walk home w/cake and are mugged (we lived next to baaad neighborhood)- I never got to eat even a finger full of frosting from it. I'm still disappointed to this day. I now weigh 600lbs cuz I can't stop eating choc. cake. [Not really 600lbs- I'm scrawny-- but I really can't stop eating choc. cake].
    Anyway - great post- illustration wise and words too.

    By Blogger AndyDoodler, at 11:18  

  • cosmos: OK. :-)

    caroline: Yeah, the watercolors are fun and it gets me out of the pc. I've gotten in the habit of finishing my pictures in Photoshop.
    I want to try making something really big now. That would be fun.

    detlef: Bah Humbug? Wrong holiday I think? :-)

    gabrielle: It was icky.
    I haven't seen a cakewalk in ages and I would make the same kind of cake. :-)

    tony larocca: Heh, heh. I often wondered where all the morals were hiding. :-p
    Thanks and thanks.

    andydoodler: Mugged for a cake?! That's horrible but, kind of funny since you lived through it. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 11:46  

  • Your story was wonderful! Indeed appearances can be deceiving--however, it's difficult to not judge a person by our first impressions, which are usually what we see.

    By Blogger Robert McLaughlin, at 11:49  

  • Nice tongue :)

    By Blogger Hillitty Kukko, at 14:56  

  • The skeleton HAS A TONGUE!
    Laughing Love!

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 21:46  

  • Wordy? you have to ask?
    My last comment was about cooling my feet off in a bathtub while I read a book....oh here I go again!


    By Blogger Joy Eliz, at 04:45  

  • absolutely love the bunny cake story… i hope you always find the sweetness in live you are looking for… thanks for sharing…

    By Blogger Michael O'Connell, at 19:33  

  • Big in watercolour pencils? That seems ambitious to me! Or just big and find something wet to splosh about over the whole surface... oh dear my own tendencies are showing through aren't they...


    By Blogger Caroline, at 04:46  

  • wow You did a great job on this one. and thanks for sharing the process. Funny story too!

    By Blogger Jaimie, at 15:38  

  • robert mclaughlin: Thanks and true. :-)

    hillitty kukko: Thanks. You should see what I can do with it. :-p

    merlinprincesse: What I want to know is where the food goes when he eats? I mean he doesn't have a throat.

    joy eliz: Heh, heh. It's hard to stop sometimes. :-P

    michael o'connell: Ha! Nice. Thanks.

    caroline: Oh no, I wouldn't do the big thing with watercolor pecils. I would do a big canvas or maybe a big chunk of wood with big cans of paint.

    jaimie: :-) Thanks.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 15:59  

  • Shows you are never too old to learn. Nice job on the illo. The story behind it is even better. (Click the link, everybody).


    By Blogger IdiotHead, at 21:49  

  • Dude you rock. Learnt heaps from this instructional piece.

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 05:20  

  • idiothead: Thanks. (blush) And thanks. :-)

    detlef: Right... ;-P

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 15:09  

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