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Friday, November 09, 2007


This is my picture for Illustration Friday the theme is scale. "Scale" was drawn on the back of the October 26 page of my "Get Fuzzy" desk calendar with a Faber-Castle 3-H pencil, inked in with my Gel-Roller, then cleaned up and colored with PhotoStudio.

As usual I didn't have time for anything today, except a quick sketch and a bad pun.

Pepe seems to be getting better. So, life is slowly returning to normal. Whatever "normal" is.

Are you living close to "normal"? Are you going to leave me some love?


  • Gee, I haven't seen you in a long time. So normal must mean you are blogging again.

    neat interpetation of 'scale'.

    By Blogger Teri C, at 12:57  

  • But the puns are what I come for...

    By Blogger andrea, at 15:48  

  • I love the pun!

    By Blogger Valeriannah, at 17:28  

  • joncjyxf...heheh, that is the word verification. It is trying to impart some secret information....ah, you were asking if I lived close to normal...? I'm trying to find meaning in word verifications!!! The answer is, I don't really think so, but I'm getting by!heheh! Sorry about your kitty, glad he is doing better, glad I don't have your vet bill!

    By Blogger LDahl, at 18:56  

  • Normal is relative I suppose.

    By Blogger Debra Kay, at 19:09  

  • You've got my vote. A winner!

    By Blogger TCA, at 17:45  

  • waahh! Lol this is so funny.. you never fail to amuse me.. gee i miss visiting your blog.. *love*

    By Blogger atomicvelvetsigh, at 17:33  

  • Oh, this is funny! Excellent!!!

    By Blogger Ellen, at 19:59  

  • teri c: OK. :-)

    andrea: Cool! Because try as I might, I can't stop. :-)

    valeriannah: Thanks. :-)

    ldahl: I try to find meaning in everything. I think that may be part of my problem when it comes to staying focused. *sigh*
    The vet bill was huge but, it came when I had some money. Thank God/dess. :-)

    debra k: :-)

    tca: Sweet! :-)

    atomicvelvetsigh: Thanks Love. :-)
    I'll try to keep posting.

    ellen: :-) Thanks.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 12:48  

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