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Friday, July 14, 2006


I guess all that's missing is the little "Not Me" ghost from Family Circus. Actually It's more like a Three Stooges bit. BWHahahahahahahaha... ahem.

This is my picture for Illustration Friday, the theme is sacrifice. "Sacrifice" was drawn on a scrap of paper with my Faber-Castle 3-H pencil and then inked over with my Gel-Roller.

Bah! I hate the way the hands look in this illustration. Other than that I'm pretty happy with it. Oh well, that's why I call it bad art.

Have you ever been the guy at the end of the line? Do you want to leave me some love?


  • How come visiting your blog is like watching an episode of The Simpsons? I can't leave in a bad mood after looking at either. That calls for some...


    By Blogger andrea, at 20:51  

  • :D :D I agree with andrea! Anyway, being sacrificed is the norm here in the corporate world....sigh...

    By Blogger constance, at 21:09  

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^

    ditto the comments above

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 21:18  

  • LOL "All that's missing is the 'not me' guy from from Family Circus."! I'm still waiting for Bush to make good on the comment that whoever leaked Plame would be fired. ...Still waiting...

    By Blogger Tony LaRocca, at 00:22  

  • funny!

    By Blogger iota, at 02:55  

  • Your character sketches are so don't even need to put the names on the bottom!


    By Blogger Joy Eliz, at 05:22  

  • Good point!

    By Blogger String, at 05:47  

  • And it keeps rolling downhill until it gets to us and then we pay for it! You are so good at this Mr Unknow!


    By Blogger Teri C, at 07:25  

  • yep looks just about right crap flows down hill at a 2% grade. dont believe me, ask any plumber. great illo to show this effect in all walks of life

    By Blogger michael dailey, at 09:27  

  • This is so funny. Glad I'm not an American right now. I guess you guys have been making a lot of sacrifices lately.

    By Anonymous Kaya, at 11:21  

  • I enjoy your caricatures. You're not a Democrat, are you? :-)

    By Blogger mbc, at 11:28  

  • Your illo is very expressive!

    Another way of saying your point, could be, that every man washes his dirt of his hands - so the water gets more and more dirty!

    You have a very good pointe - I send lots of love from Denmark to you!

    By Blogger georg, at 13:22  

  • The place at the end of the line is the shits!

    Love ya, Mean it!!


    By Blogger scarecrow, at 15:04  

  • hahaha, he looks so disapointed.

    P.S. I love your work.

    By Blogger Kyle, at 15:45  

  • andrea: (blush) Thanks.

    constance: Thanks.
    A world I don't know very well. :-)

    detlef: :-)

    tony larocca: Heh, heh. Thanks.
    Yeah, me too.

    iota: :-)

    joy eliz: (blush) :-)

    string: Thanks. :-)

    teri c: I think it all rolled into my yard?! :-)

    michael dailey: Thanks.

    kaya: Thanks.
    Blah! Yeah, just not the right ones.

    mbc: Thanks. Heh, heh.
    I'm for who ever doesn't lie to promote their own agenda. :-)

    georg: Thanks.
    Yes, yes! :-)

    scarecrow: Ha! Yep. :-)

    klye: Thanks.
    He is. :-P

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 19:27  

  • LOVE the illio. Too true!

    By Anonymous Marie, at 20:44  

  • Superb and funny. I sent your last Bush cartoon (sticky) to my boyfriend who loves good political humor and he said the only problem with it was that it was so true it wasn't funny, it was depressing. I'm going to send him this one too. He assumed they were published syndicated cartoons. Do you publish other than here? You're very, very good, you know.

    By Blogger Jana Bouc, at 22:36  

  • You make me smile even with this cast of unpleasant people! Love

    By Blogger ValGalArt, at 23:49  

  • You've captured their faces quite well. And the hands LOOK like hands, which is better than I'm usually able to do. Hands are hard.

    By Anonymous Kathryn, at 12:40  

  • HAHaha--damnit- hahaha- who'll get the last laugh?

    By Blogger AndyDoodler, at 13:44  

  • I wish I could borrow your brain for one minute! So funny!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:26  

  • I take great pride in always being the one at the end of the line...LOL, it gives me martyr points ;)...glad to see some political stuff, it's always funny!!!! XXXXOOOO Lee

    By Blogger Lee, at 03:45  

  • *grin*


    By Blogger Liz Jones, at 07:52  

  • Just to real! LOL! Have a good week! I like your kitty cat!

    By Blogger Joe, at 13:45  

  • When I have a bad day I visit ur blog... it always cheers me up.

    I send u lots of love!

    By Blogger ilustricia, at 14:34  




    By Blogger (¯'·._.·[ (DÅNÏˣϯ|¯Ä) ]·._.·´¯), at 06:47  

  • I make a point of diappearing before someone can point a finger at me. I love that you menationed " Not Me." He visits my classroom quite often:> Love...

    By Blogger carla, at 12:26  

  • xToo cool!!

    By Blogger The Dark Lord Omz, at 12:49  

  • this is great! I love your pictures of dear leader and his nasty minions.

    By Blogger Jaimie, at 14:55  

  • LOL! Great job as usual!

    By Blogger TXArtcGal, at 15:05  

  • roflwmp wwa!


    By Blogger Catnapping, at 23:14  

  • Haha! Love it! I like how you draw people it always makes me smile.

    By Blogger Gabrielle, at 08:43  

  • :)
    Love.... But not for them....Not me... Hehehhehehhehehe!

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 20:27  

  • Hello again mr Unknowing.

    I am liking your heart very much. You have your eye very much open I feel.

    Thanking you.

    By Blogger pablo, at 15:12  

  • Love for you but not for them! I love the way you draw all of them - especially W - eek those big ears and beady eyes!!

    By Blogger tiffinix, at 08:18  

  • marie: :-) Thanks.

    jana bouc: Wow! Thanks. (blush) Someday, someday.

    valgalart: If I didn't laugh I'd be crying all the time. Thanks Love. :-)

    kathryn: Thanks! :-)

    andydoodler: I hope it's the common man. :-)

    catraven: Hmm... what would you do with it? :-p

    lee: Ha! Martyr points are cool. I just hate to be the guy taking one for the team when the team sucks.

    liz jones: :-)

    joe: Thanks. You too and thanks. :-)

    ilustricia: Aww... How kind of you to say. That makes my day. Thanks. :-)

    daniela: :-)

    carla: Smart thinking. Are you a ninja? :-)

    the dark lord omz: Thanks.

    jaimie: Thanks. :-)

    txartcgal: :-)

    catnapping: Oh! Thanks Love! I've missed you.

    gabrielle: Thanks. My readers have deemed my style squishism because I get all squishy inside when the picture turn out the way I want. :-)

    merlinprincesse: Heh, heh. Thanks. I feel the same way. :-)

    pablo: Thanks to you my friend. Very kind of you to say that. :-)

    tiffinix: Thanks. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 00:00  

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