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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Potty Mouth

Today I was told I have a potty mouth. I could not fucking believe it.

"Potty Mouth" was drawn quickly with my gel-roller on the back of a flyer for the radio show I did last Thursday.

I'm still crazy busy right now. I have a lot of catching up to do. I got tagged by Pablo a while back and still need to do that post. I need to do a post for Caroline with my recipe for biscuits and gravy and I'm way behind on Fritz and Fritz. (Which may have to wait until summer is over for a new post.) I'm almost done painting the bathroom. Of course that means putting in the new floor and baseboard next. The short film shoot I've been doing is taking a lot longer than first planned and I need to find a real job. Other than that I have lots of free time.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Thank God/dess I have a big old potty mouth to put it in.

Do you have eyes bigger than your stomach? Do you want to leave some love?


  • That's just crap.


    By Blogger andrea, at 14:36  

  • You had me laughing by the second sentence! I'm gonna leave you some love.


    By Blogger Angela, at 15:49  

  • I love potty mouth! My eyes have always been bigger than my stomach. I mush have gigantor eyes!

    By Blogger Andrea, at 17:17  

  • I have a potty mouth, too. A fellow nurse the other day told me I am cursing more than usual. I don't think that's possible at work. I cuss all the time there. Not as much at home.

    By Blogger Jamie, at 17:25  

  • Great drawing! Potty mouth- I curse it up here and there-ok well everywhere. It makes me sound cooler and more threatening. I like others to fear me. Ok, I am really searching out love but since that is never gonna happen- I'll settle for that uncomfortable look that most people get around me. Shit, at least they notice me... Crap I really need help....

    By Blogger Shroom-Monkey, at 17:38  

  • Lotsa brush your teeth!

    By Blogger TravelingMermaid, at 18:46  

  • Potty Mouth! BWAHahahahahaha!!

    When I am sailing, the amount, content and volume of the sailor language goes up in direct porportion to the speed of the wind.

    F N love ya, Mean it!


    By Blogger scarecrow, at 22:09  

  • *love*

    By Blogger cornpone, at 11:02  

  • do you hang the toilet paper on your ear?
    ha-ha! I crack myself up:D


    By Blogger Joy Eliz, at 11:12  

  • andrea: Ha! That's damn funny. :-)

    super freak: Thanks. Exactly what I was going for.

    big a: Ha! Me too, too. :-)

    jamie: Heh, heh. I used to curse at work all the time, then I got fired. :-p

    shroom-monkey: Heh, heh. I really love the shock value of cussing at inappropriate moments.
    Like once on the bus the driver heard me say, "Shit!" then told me not to cuss on her bus. So, when I got off at my stop I said, "Thanks for the fucking ride."
    Not to cool, but it made everyone on the bus laugh. :-)

    travelingmermaid: Ha! :-)

    scarecrow: I spent some time touring with the DOD entertaining troops and between all the armed forces I would have to say the sailors where the best cussers. I think they took a lot of pride in that. :-)

    cornpone: :-)

    joy eliz: Ha! Good one. :-p

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 17:02  

  • Love it!

    And yes, many times my stomach is larger than my mouth. Also, my son is constantly telling me that I have a potty mouth. Actually, he says, "Bad word, daddy." But same concept.


    By Blogger Lou, at 21:09  

  • lou: Heh, heh. I learned all my best cussing from my dad. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 00:31  

  • haha yer so clever, love!

    By Blogger ValGalArt, at 22:20  

  • Awe Percy! ha-ha!
    The game I play with my cat is "Get away from my Ice Cream!" It's where I sit on the couch and try to eat ice cream while a crazed cat climbs all over me trying to get it.

    By Blogger Joy Eliz, at 07:42  

  • Too funny! You got a mouth like a sewer I guess. Love

    By Blogger Holly, at 14:07  

  • valgalart: :-)

    joy eliz: I think someone has been drinking? :-p

    holly: sadly, yes. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 16:53  

  • Missing time?
    Me too

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 20:45  

  • merlinprincesse: Yeah. (sigh)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 12:38  

  • terribly septic.

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 03:13  

  • detlef: Ha!

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 15:39  

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