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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trees in Blue

Here's a quick little painting I did just to get a feel for my new acrylic paints and brushes. I like trees. Two weeks after I first became a vegan, I suddenly felt I had this special connection with the trees and I got into the habit of hugging all the trees on my way to work. The "special connection" was probably just my body reacting funny while all the toxins, I had been eating, worked there way out of my system, but who knows.

Do you want to hug a tree? Do you want to leave me some love?


  • Hey...I just got some new acrylics and brushes too! We're the same. :)

    By Blogger Brian the Mennonite, at 19:24  

  • Your trees looks a bit shocked at being hugged! I just shocked a tree for you - Love.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 00:12  

  • You treehugger, you! Ah, I've been known to hug a tree or two!

    By Anonymous foundme, at 15:58  

  • treehuggers rule.

    By Anonymous AscenderRisesAbove, at 21:37  

  • I love acrylics! My favorite medium. And there are lots of methods for keeping them wet for weeks.
    Great job on the trees.

    I like meat, so I'll go hug a buffalo after work. (there's a farm down the road)

    By Blogger Jaimie, at 06:27  

  • i'd hug a tree to save the spotted owl. or promote world peace. or wish oil spills off our oceans. love

    By Blogger {illyria}, at 07:24  

  • I've hugged men who climbed trees as little boys. Does that count?

    jk. yep. i've hugged trees. sometimes ya love 'em so much, ya don't know what ta do with yerself.

    By Blogger Catnapping, at 13:52  

  • Oooh, I really like this, especially the blue shades!

    By Anonymous carra, at 04:25  

  • Nice solid line work. Good Illo.

    By Anonymous nightwing, at 11:43  

  • I'll hug the legs of your new avatar! Love.

    By Anonymous PhotographyAnonymous, at 15:48  

  • I don't really care to hug a tree; but I still like your illustration. Cool use of a limited palette.

    By Blogger Robert McLaughlin, at 19:16  

  • blue, blue, my love is blue..

    By Blogger LDahl, at 22:08  

  • Awwwwwwww...this is worth kissing a tree :) love the colors you created.

    By Blogger Delaleuverses, at 09:14  

  • I love trees and forests full of trees! You should come to NOLA and visit some of our old Live Oaks!

    By Blogger TravelingMermaid, at 13:44  

  • they have a distinctly stark and Halloween feel...I'm sure the tree hugging and toxin release were related...I've experienced the same thing ;)...XXXOOO Hug a Tree Lee

    By Blogger Lee, at 16:42  

  • i love this one!! the tops of the trees look like storm clouds that are raining trunks and roots down into a blue body of water. very cool!


    By Blogger patsypalooza, at 21:03  

  • Lindas árvores.
    Até sempre: david-santos "SÓ VERDADES"

    By Blogger david santos, at 15:41  

  • brian the mennonite: Hooray! :-)

    anonymous: BWhahahahahaha... :-)

    foundme: Ha! Funny! :-P

    ascenderrisesabove: :-)

    jaimie: Yes! Hug all the buffalo!

    illyria: And I will hug you for that! :-)

    catnapping: Ha! Yes. that counts.
    I feel the same way. :-)

    carra: :-) Thanks.

    nightwing: Thanks.

    photographyanonymous: AHHHHHH!!!! It's multiplying! :-P

    robert mclaughlin: Hmm... Fear of sap?
    Thanks. :-)

    ldahl: Tell him to stop holding his breath.
    Bwhahahahahahahahaha... ahem :-)

    delaleuverses: Aww... (blush) Thanks.

    travelingmermaid: I love trees too. I would love to come and visit. :-)

    lee: Thanks.
    Heh, heh. Yeah. :-)

    patsypalooza: I'll have whatever she's having! :-P
    Thanks Love.

    david santos: Ha! Obrigado.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 23:23  

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