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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Self Portrait (Early Sixties)

This self portrait was drawn on the back of the July 29 page of an old Get Fuzzy desk calendar then cleaned up and colored with Photoshop. Incidentally this was the last page of the old Get Fuzzy calendar I had left. Oddly enough July 29 just happens to be Wil Wheaton's birthday. Odder still, Wil Wheaton's book "Just a Geek" is pretty much the reason I began blogging and this picture illustrates my own beginning. Hmm... There are no coincidences!

I didn't have much free time to draw this week but I spent a lot of time thinking about it. Well, actually I spent quite a bit of time thinking about drawing sperm. Ever since that last Illustration Friday picture I've been obsessed with sperm. I think I might have to do a series of celebrity illustrations showing celebrities before they where born.

Any requests?

Do you love my sperm? Do you love me?


  • Hey, nice work! Perhaps you should do Dr. Phils sperm! That sounds like a good idea to me! I mean, why not! Try it! If it does'nt look good then don't post it! But you may as well try! Just Try.

    By Blogger Si-Guy, at 17:51  

  • That's a pretty wicked smile on your sperm's face.......

    By Blogger TravelingMermaid, at 18:04  

  • I loathe sperm!

    By Blogger Andrea, at 18:20  

  • uh, i love... your sperm? ;-)

    how about drawing bruce willis as a sperm? i dunno... it just came to mind for some reason.


    By Blogger kg, at 18:54  

  • LOVE your stuff. Always brings a smile to my face.

    You could do the Geico gecko.

    Or maybe Simon Cowell. I could just see it... "That is a horrendous egg. Almost like a bad Las Vegas impersonation. I wouldn't go in there if you paid me."

    By Blogger Lou, at 20:32  

  • You always make me laugh, so I guess that I love you:) But I prefer your art over your sperm...

    Love the name of your blog too!

    By Blogger irene, at 23:43  

  • Ah I'll pass on the sperm. I feel as if these critters could be highly fertile and potent, and require some form of associated health warning.

    Have you ever considered the "snip"?

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 00:33  

  • I'd love to see a sperm version of David Bowie from the Ziggy Stardust phase! Or is that too detailed a request???

    lvoe or even love

    By Blogger Caroline, at 05:40  

  • jijiji...I got two requests...
    First...Tom cruise! with his horrible laugh! you could do a sperm jumping on top of some sort of cell-tissue couch... that sounds gross now that I think about it...ewww...
    And of course I would love the whole Simpson family...especially bart and Homer !! XD that would be awesome!!!

    Ok hon so yeah...I Love your Sperm DRAWINGS...ehem

    tons of love for ya

    By Blogger (¯'·._.·[ (DÅNÏˣϯ|¯Ä) ]·._.·´¯), at 07:18  

  • ohh yeah and i forgot!...dont worry about the whole sperm obsession... most men have that...or an obsession with spreading them through the world! jajaja XD


    By Blogger (¯'·._.·[ (DÅNÏˣϯ|¯Ä) ]·._.·´¯), at 07:22  

  • Do I love your sperm? O.o I do lurve you tho

    By Blogger marina, at 07:55  

  • you were so cute when you were little! And there were a lot of you! I second the Tom Cruise mockery, please make us laugh he is too creepy.

    By Anonymous Kaya, at 14:52  

  • Nooooo Tom Cruise.. It would scar us for life. (Or maybe you could do the Alien, but you might get sued by scientologists, so perhaps not.

    Just never do Dubya or Paris Hilton.

    Snoop Dogg would be funny.

    By Blogger Chandira, at 16:25  

  • OHMYGOD, I scrolled down and you did Dubya!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    That was too funny and eery.

    By Blogger Chandira, at 16:27  

  • A little obsess with sperm, hmmmmm?

    But I think you should be carefull with that. In the US, with all the Alien coming in the '60, I'm not sure all celebrities came from sperm, specially Wil Wheaton.

    It is just an ethical question, but THIS is not YOUR sperm, it's the sperm of your father... So, yes, I love your illo! Now about your sperm...


    By Blogger Clo, at 21:26  

  • Clo has raised an interesting point about whose sperm it is - surely once donated it belongs to whomever it grows into...

    love and silly-of-sophie (I mean philosophy...)

    By Blogger Caroline, at 00:16  

  • I really don't know what to think about all this...*mmmpppffftttt*...
    Spermatic love!

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 14:47  

  • I have to admit that Caroline made an interresting point too. Never thought of it in that way...

    *raising and eyebrow*
    *not sure of what I said*
    *looking to the left*
    *looking to the right*

    *very satisfyed*


    P.S. Don't you think that should make a wonderfull script?

    By Blogger Clo, at 21:42  

  • Funny!Great!Love

    By Anonymous marc, at 08:56  

  • Love sperm-selfportrait!

    By Anonymous marc, at 09:05  

  • si-guy: Dr. Phil? That is such an odd request. :-)

    travelingmermaid: Have you ever seen an unhappy sperm?
    I didn't think so. :-)

    big a: OK. :-)

    kg: Hmm... with or without the hair piece?

    lou: Gecko sperm?! Simon Cowell is an alien.

    nomad: Heh, thanks. I guess it beats sperm over your art.
    Sorry, that was bad. :-p

    detlef: I have not considered the snip and hope that I never will. I try to keep sharp pointed things away from my penis.

    caroline: Ziggy Stardust! Brilliant.

    daniela: Tom cruise, like Simon Cowell, is an alien.
    I think there was an episode of the Simpsons that showed the whole family as sperm. I better not redo that.

    daniela: My sperm is pretty much under control.

    marina: :-)

    kaya: I agree, Tom Cruise is creepy but he is also an alien and did not come from any sperm that I would recognize.

    chandira: Snoop Dogg would be pretty funny. Dubya? Hmm...

    chandira: Got ya!

    clo: Lots of aliens about these days.
    OK, it's not my sperm it's me as a sperm, before I was born.

    caroline: Ok I guess it's actually my dad's sperm.
    Now I feel kind of gross for drawing a picture of my dad's sperm.
    Great, more stuff for my therapy sessions.

    merlinprincesse: Don't think! Just enjoy.

    clo: Read the above message to caroline and AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    marc and marc: Thanks. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 12:28  

  • Just wanted to say that you make me LOL!


    By Blogger Clo, at 22:15  

  • I love Get Fuzzy!

    Do you buy the collections?

    By Blogger Chuang Shyue Chou, at 07:07  

  • clo: I do? Thanks. :-)

    chuang shyue chou: Me too!
    I have a few of the books and a couple of coffe mugs.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 00:30  

  • [squeal] you were just sooooo cute! [/squeal]


    By Anonymous catnapping, at 01:01  

  • catnapping: Hee, hee. (blush) :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 02:04  

  • I love your sperm artwork ;)

    By Blogger D. Maria, at 17:56  

  • d. maria: BWhahahahahahahahaha...

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 20:00  

  • You were beautifully weird looking, all of you.

    By Blogger HARDWAX, at 21:35  

  • hardwax: Awww... sweet.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 14:46  

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