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Friday, November 03, 2006


This is my picture for Illustration Friday the theme is smoke. "Smoke" was drawn on a scrap of multi-purpose copy paper with a Faber-Castle 3-H pencil, then inked in with a Gel-Roller and colored in Photoshop.

Tom, the silly bird, thought he could escape the annual massacre by hiding in the icehouse for the holiday season. Now he is a cold turkey.


Cold turkey is also the way I quit smoking and why this illustration is titled "Smoke".

Do you ever act like a silly bird? Do you want to leave me some love?


  • I've missed you Unknown...where have you been? Here's some love for reappearing. here's some more for quitting smoking. And here's even more for being a love propagator.

    Oh yeah, and cute drawing.


    By Blogger Genevieve, at 14:20  

  • Clever!! Cold turkey. I'm killed at this!

    By Blogger studio lolo, at 15:25  

  • This is very clever, but I'm not sure how my friend the Pyschic Turkey would take this - he might blow smoke up ring.

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 00:59  

  • Geez, this is so clever,I almost didn't get it !!:) Gotta love it.

    By Blogger Teri C, at 09:42  

  • Poor little birdie... Love for the (almost) frozen turkey... :)
    My VerifWord is hyudnwnbwbwuuuduguusubuudu
    What is wrong with blogger!?!?!?!? Mwhahaha!

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 18:15  

  • sometimes thats the best way to quit frezing turkey any one

    By Blogger michael dailey, at 20:53  

  • Cool!

    I like it.


    By Blogger Robert McLaughlin, at 22:45  

  • *cough cough cough cough gasp cough*

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 02:44  

  • illo! great

    By Blogger Michelle Lana, at 11:39  

  • you've caught me off guard posting so frequently. lucky, lucky us!

    very original take on the smoke theme, glad you explained it for my lamebrain. u r funny.


    By Blogger patsypalooza, at 11:44  

  • Either way, you gotta love cold turkey! I'm glad Tom escaped the flames and I'm glad you're just smokin' the art! Love:>

    By Blogger carla, at 02:36  

  • cold turkey... the only way to quit

    By Anonymous AscenderRisesAbove, at 07:58  

  • I will - this is sooo funny. Great work!

    By Blogger Fancy World, at 22:20  

  • That's too funny, I had a cigarette today, I smoke about one every 6 weeks or so, my guilty little pleasure. :-)

    By Blogger Chandira, at 14:56  

  • I love it! great capture of the emotion... cheers! Kate

    By Blogger kate, at 07:29  

  • genevieve: Well... umm... I've been right here?
    I am overwhelmed. (blush) Thanks.

    studio lolo: Thanks.
    I am happy you are killed. :-)

    detlef: Thanks.
    Ha! I say bring on that turkey!

    teri c: Really?! :-)

    merlinprincesse: Heh, heh.
    I overloaded blogger with love and now it's all clogged up.

    michael dailey: Ha.
    Make mine wild turkey in a shot glass.

    robert mclaughlin: Ha! Punny. :-)

    anonymous: Aww... I got you all choked up.

    michelle lana: :-)

    patsypalooza: I had a spert of crative juice. It was gooey.
    Thanks. :-)

    carla: Heh, heh. :-)

    ascenderrisesabove: Yep. :-)

    fancy world: Thanks. :-)

    chandira: Thanks.
    Wow! I wish I could smoke just one every six weeks.
    What will power! :-)

    kate: Ha! Thanks.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 00:20  

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