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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Post 100

Well, here it is. My one hundredth post. I wanted to do something funny and cool. Unfortunately I haven't felt very inspired lately. In fact, it was a struggle just to get out the three posts for the week. Since I couldn't come up with anything cool, I decided to post a picture from a guest artist. Enjoy my Loves.

This wonderful illustration was drawn by the beautiful Gorky Love. Gorky and I had been dating for about 6 months and I asked her to draw me something for my birthday and she drew me this.
"Love Sign" was drawn with a pencil, charcoal, conte crayon and acrylic pastels on a piece of watercolor paper.

I apologize for not being around much this week. I'll try to catch up on replying to comments tomorrow. Thanks for you're patience.

Do you ever struggle with inspiration? Do you want to leave me and my guest artist some love?


  • ah,ah,! I like the spring illo down's really springy!

    (well, yes, I suggest to rest for a while)

    By Anonymous aynaku, at 01:25  

  • You did just the right thing - when not feeling inspired delegate - its what always used to happen to me when I was working... but I had no-one to delegate to....

    Love to Gorky love

    and love to you!

    PS When was your birthday - you're looking good for 100. Or is that an April Fool

    Foolish love to you too!

    By Blogger Caroline, at 04:54  

  • Happy 100th post! :)

    Aww she drew I love you ... how sweet :) Sighs ... I want one I love you too

    By Blogger marina, at 05:45  

  • You are very inspired and very imaginative. Already 100...Bravo!
    Has when the 101!

    By Anonymous marc, at 09:29  

  • aynaku: Thanks.
    I'll try. :-)

    caroline: Yeah, I think my muse needed to heal after our last wrestling match.
    Gorky Love says thanks and I have an old soul.

    marina: :-) Thanks.
    Yeah, she's pretty sweet.

    marc: Thanks. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 13:25  

  • Happy 100!
    Coincidentally my spring post was my 100th too! And just like you I meant to go whooooooopie, but, alas, lack of time and lack of inspiration. Perhaps that is a virus?
    So today I am making up for my lack of love here and say:

    By Blogger cristosova, at 13:42  

  • cristova: Wow! Weird. Thanks. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 14:32  

  • this is a beautiful drawing. i like it a lot esp. the effects of the conte crayon.

    in my case, it's not that i don't get uninspired-

    i find myself having lots of ideas the problem is that my self esteem gets so low sometimes that my hands and mind won't cooperate and would end up having a really ugly drawing-that the idea i had in mind just went to waste. i am not sure if that's also what you meant by uninspired.

    By Blogger isay, at 01:48  

  • Happy 100!!
    And lots of love :)

    By Blogger Hillitty Kukko, at 03:22  

  • Congrats on the 100! I too have uninspired days, sometimes really want to be getting on with it but no ideas. I hit myself on the head with a frying pan and it makes everything alright. But you've done that plenty of times looking at this pic. Gorky Love has got the flesh tones well here. If i ever get over to the States I'd love to have a few beers and see how dramatic your burnt body is ('Shocking' post) and talk sperm ('Self Portrait'). Having typed those words I'm wondering what I sound like, but you started it! Not surprised you can't always keep up with comments, but sure people appreciate what you do and need a break now and again.
    Love to You and Gorky. ...::::::o

    By Blogger modroom, at 04:51  

  • Congrats on The 100. I like your oddness and style, I hope you continue to be inspired! ...::::o

    By Blogger modroom, at 04:58  

  • love to you and gorky love!
    Did I hear it was your Birthday?


    By Blogger Joy Eliz, at 06:17  

  • Wow! I didn't know that that is a love sign!

    I'm sure you're always inspired!

    By Blogger Chuang Shyue Chou, at 07:05  

  • struggle. love.

    By Blogger crosshatched, at 10:03  

  • Unknown,

    Congrats on the 100th post. My wife and I do that hand sign all the time to one another whether we can hear each other say the words or not.


    You did a great job on the detailing. Background sort of look like a padded cell. ;) Love it!

    By Blogger Lou, at 10:36  

  • You are a funny old soul and a merry old soul...



    By Blogger Caroline, at 11:16  

  • it is your birthday? you are also an arien? best wishes

    By Blogger isay, at 14:46  

  • woooah! birthday at 100th post! cool hand? sis she draw yours?

    love and huggss!

    By Anonymous irvine, at 21:44  

  • They use that sign in Tibet for banishing demons. So it has a good double role. So it kinda can mean :
    "I love you and I banish all uncreative spirits from my presence."
    You say 3 posts this week? Do you hold yourself to some kind of quota? Could be blog-commitment-burnout. But 100 posts...that rocks!

    By Blogger Gabe, at 23:15  

  • Most happy 100th... now take a break... we aren't going anywhere, cause we...
    love ya!
    (even if you are ...em... creative:)))

    By Blogger LDahl, at 23:20  

  • Gorky Love made a beautiful gift for you! Happy 100th and hope you do 100 more!!! Love

    By Blogger ValGalArt, at 23:33  

  • I love your blog. There are many interesting thing to see here. I forgot to include your link before but now I will.

    Thanks and I hope you take a look to my blog.

    By Blogger Junior Polanck, at 08:39  

  • i am now a red hot lover.

    By Blogger cornpone, at 09:21  

  • That second comment was meant for Cristosova but mixed up comments boxes!

    By Blogger modroom, at 10:29  

  • I even struggle with inpiration when I write a comment... SEEEE? Hard to always be funny! Congrats for your 100th... And please, put a plaster on that skull! It will heal more rapidly... :)
    Uninspired love!
    (OH and to Gorky too :))

    By Blogger merlinprincesse, at 12:47  

  • I almost always struggle with inspiration. Not alone, you be.

    By Blogger Robert McLaughlin, at 12:47  

  • Hey! Congrats on the 100!

    Keep up the good work.


    By Blogger scarecrow, at 15:05  

  • isay: Gorky says thanks. I don't even know what a conte crayon is.
    I just felt like I was out of ideas. I think my lack of insperation got my self esteem down. So, I took a few days off.

    hillitty kukko: :-)

    modroom: Thanks for the words of encouragement. Having some beers when you get to the states sounds great but please leave your frying pan at home.

    modroom: Umm... Thanks. (I'm gonna pretend it's for me.)

    joy eliz: Thanks!
    I believe someone did say it was my birthday, but they're wrong.
    I'm a libra.

    chuang shyue chou: I only found out a few years ago myself.

    crosshatched: Is that a request? :-)

    lou: Thanks. Heh, heh. Cute.
    Gorky said thanks and, "A padded cell?!"
    I thought the same thing but I never said it. I figured it meant Gorky loves me but I drive her crazy. :-)

    caroline: Now if I could just become a wise soul. :-)

    iasy: Thanks, but that is a rumor. It is not my birthday... err... wait, did you bake a cake?

    irvine: Thanks.
    It's not my birthday. I don't know how that got started but it's not true. I was born in October. I'm a libra!

    moon: Cool info I didn't know.
    I sort of made a promise to myself and all the readers, to do 3 posts a week for a least a year.
    I'm afraid of losing my momentum.

    ldahl: Ha. Thanks Love I really apperciate that comment. :-)

    valgalart: Gorky says thanks and I think so too.
    Thanks. I hope to do at least 1000. At 3 posts a week that's less than 7 years. :-)

    junior polanck: Wow! Thanks and I will!

    cornpone: SWEET! I'll put you on the list tonight. I apologize for not noticing sooner. I've been off-line for a few days. :-)

    modroom: What?! La La La, I can't hear you.

    merlinprincesse: Thanks Love.
    I don't know what you're talking about though, you always crack me up.
    That is why my skull wont heal.
    Gorky said, "Thank you."

    robert mclaughlin: Yeah, I think I got spoiled because I seemed to be on a roll. Not that all the ideas were great but they kept coming.
    Thanks for the encouraging words. :-)

    scarecrow: Thanks and I will try.

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 01:42  

  • LOVE... great one. Just had to come by to get some LOVE and give some LUV!!!!!


    Big smoochy smooch,
    The running Tart
    ; )

    By Blogger The Tart, at 11:38  

  • Gorky love is talented too!! Love it!!

    Alas, I have absolutely no creativity... Now I'm totally depressed ;)

    By Blogger D. Maria, at 18:26  

  • Oh I almost forgot...Happy 100th!!

    Can't wait for the next 100!! And more from Gorky love!!

    By Blogger D. Maria, at 18:27  

  • jocelyn: Wee Hee! Thanks and you're welcome.

    d. maria: Ahhhh... the pressure! :-p

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 20:05  

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