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Saturday, November 18, 2006


This is my picture for Illustration Friday the theme is Thanksgiving. "Thanksgiving" was painted with acrylics on a piece of canvas paper. I had some trouble getting a decent scan of the painting.

This was supposed to be a picture of a tofurky, (What I'll be eating this Thanksgiving.) but it looks more like a turkey hiding in some tofu. Maybe the turkey figured no one would be eating tofu on Thanksgiving and thought that would be the safest place to hide.

Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha... ahem.

Want to tell me what you're thankful for? Want to leave me some love?


  • HAahahaha!

    By Blogger Jeannette, at 00:43  

  • cool turkey!

    By Blogger Michelle Lana, at 05:33  

  • Too funny. I hate that term--it makes the food sound so bad when it's actually very tasty. My fave is the Quorn brand of vegetarian turkey. Great stuff a susual.

    By Blogger steve, at 06:58  

  • Oh, that's funny!!!!

    By Blogger studio lolo, at 09:07  

  • My son has just joined the ranks of the vegetarians. I imagine that's what he will be wanting to eat.

    Nice job.

    By Blogger Tony Sarrecchia, at 18:05  

  • Having eaten VegieDogs and VegieBurgers - both of which I find appealing - I'm very curious to try the vegetarian version of the turkey. Alas this product is unavailable where I they ship?

    By Anonymous Detlef, at 03:31  

  • I'm thankful I'll be eating real turkey. :-) Happy TG.

    By Blogger Rrramone, at 07:43  

  • hahaha! i'm thankful that starbucks is open on thanksgiving day. haha and i will be especially thankful if there is no traffic. (FAT CHANCE!) oh yea and i'm thankful for my friends and family. :) hehe

    By Blogger platinum blonde, at 08:50  

  • Tofurky? Yuck!

    By Blogger marina, at 06:18  

  • they are best eaten separately!

    i've got so many things to be thankful for and one of them is having found your site.

    have a nice thanksgiving!

    By Blogger isay, at 23:04  

  • i love tofu, but not turkey. but i'm sure we could strike a compromise. love

    By Blogger {illyria}, at 05:38  

  • mmmmmmm (not)

    By Anonymous AscenderRisesAbove, at 07:42  

  • Is tofu something found between toes of toddlers? If so, how do they get it so white?
    I kid of course, but not kidding when I say "love to you and yours" and have a happy Thanksgiving!

    By Blogger LDahl, at 12:58  

  • jeannette: :-)

    michelle lana: Thanks. :-)

    steve: thanks.
    I like the name and the product. :-)

    studio lolo: :-)

    tony sarrecchia: Hooray!
    It's good stuff. :-)

    detlef: Actually, I believe they do.


    platinum blonde: :-) Nice.

    marina: Slaughtering a poor turkey. Bigger yuck! :-)

    isay: Heh, heh.
    Aww...(blush) Thanks Love. :-)

    {illyria}: :-)

    ascenderrisesabove: :-(

    ldahl: ha! Gross.
    Thanks Love and to you and yours as well. :-)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 01:17  

  • I'm just so thankful you never come to my blog anymore-NOT, or is it me, who doesen't come to yours, ah, the eternal questions. Anyway, beautiful tofurkey, definitely more handsome than the name. I hope you have a very good Togiving.

    By Blogger HARDWAX, at 13:16  

  • ya, he never visits me no more, needer.

    By Anonymous all blue, at 06:49  

  • My comment is a little late for Thanksgiving... I hope you digested well...
    Happy Holiday Season!!!


    By Blogger Joy Eliz, at 04:08  

  • "Ha,Ha,Ha,Hee,Hee,Ho,Ho....pant,pant...whew! THAT was funny!!!!!!! I am thankful for funny artists such as yourself!"

    By Blogger Ellen, at 20:10  

  • I had a tofurkey kielbasa sausage the other day, it was really really good. For real it was. I confess I did eat a real turkey at Thanksgiving though. I gave thanks for it.
    I'm usually vegetarian, but I slip a few times a year. Usually at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    I'll probabyl eat a tofurkey next year though I did feel bad.. It's getting less easy to do.

    By Blogger Chandira, at 22:43  

  • I wote a pome! forsooth!

    gimme some luv, bebe. gimme some luv.

    By Anonymous forsooth, i say verily!, at 13:56  

  • I love him and the scan was great! At first I thought it was turkey-cream cheese... perhaps that is due to my Philadelphia roots...hehehe

    By Blogger kate, at 10:24  

  • Smoked Turkey and Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

    I see a cracker buffet in your future!

    By Blogger Earlene, at 15:05  

  • Foo-turkey leftovers!
    We need some fresh love in here:)))


    By Blogger LDahl, at 21:53  

  • 12-07.....Hey.....where have you gone? love

    By Blogger Janet, at 20:42  

  • :O.

    Are you still there?



    I have the strange impression that I'm left alone on Earth...

    My dear friend... where are you?


    By Blogger Clo, at 17:41  

  • hardwax: Sheesh! Like I don't have enough guilt in my life. :-)
    Soon, I'll be back to my visiting soon.

    all blue: Ah! They're all out to get me! :-)

    joy eliz: It all digested wonderfully. Thanks.

    ellen: Aww... thanks. :-)

    chandira: I tried some vegan kielbasa the other day. It was damn good! I haven't tried real turkey in quite a while.

    forsooth, i say verily!: I love it! :-)

    kate: Thanks.
    I could see how it could be mistaken for cream cheese. :-)

    earlene: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH... I'm sure you mean smoked "TOFURKY" and crackers. :-)

    ldahl: You ain't kiddin'! Something smells stale in here! :-)

    janet: Busy, busy, busy.

    clo: HI! We missed you around here.
    Although, I haven't been around much myself. (sigh)

    By Blogger The Unknown, at 11:54  

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